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Coleman Zero Degree Sleeping Bag Review

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag

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We can’t remember just how many times we have gone camping and didn’t bring a proper sleeping bag! Even when we were young in scouts, we were always the ones to forget ours. It’s not only a safety hazard to be vastly unprepared with your sleeping bag, but it is not a smart idea in general. You can get sick overnight if you are sleeping in something that isn’t good enough!

Bringing the proper sleeping bag is essential not only for comfort but for your survival! Temperatures can drop very quickly, and if you are in this Coleman Zero Degree Sleeping Bag, you won’t even notice a 40-degree drop to 0, or even negative 20! We know this first hand because we each own at least one of these, and have owned them for years. We love Coleman as a company, they certainly know what they are doing! You may think that a normal one will do, and you are right if you are camping somewhere where 70-degree weather comes all day long.

We all know this is true with most places, it always gets cold at night, even if you’re camping in the desert! We lived in Arizona for a while and had to learn that the hard way. Even in the desert, it can get very cold very fast because there are no trees or much plant life at all to cover your from freezing winds during the night! This is why this bag is one of the best in an affordable price range. Check out this awesome sleeping bag here.

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