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Why You Should Bring A Walking Stick While Hiking Or Camping

rsz andrew ly bql2krqyue8 unsplash

rsz andrew ly bql2krqyue8 unsplash

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Walking sticks have been around for over 3000 years. They are used by many people around the world, and for good reason. A walking stick is not only good for your posture when you’re on your feet while hiking or camping, but they are also great for protecting you!

The reason we say that a walking stick can protect you is that they can literally stop you from falling into something. Such as quick-sand, deep mud, and even water if you’re not looking where you’re going! This simple stick can literally be a life-saver in these situations. A walking stick is not just for hiking and camping either. They are also what you see sportsmen like professional skiers utilizing.

Walking sticks can be integrated with a compass and even a knife. This is especially useful when it comes to being able to maneuver through rough terrain. When you need your focus the most. Not having to look down continuously or even having to hold something else in your hand is excellent. This way all of your focus can be on your front and center.

Over the last couple hundred years or so, walking sticks have been made not only as a status symbol, but a means to blatantly hide valuables like money and jewelry. Walking sticks were also used in smuggling drugs at one point because of the fact that you can modify it as needed. For example, small compartments riddled throughout the walking stick, almost like a bee-hive for drugs and valuables!

No matter what your needs, a walking stick can help you! They are very useful even as a weapon. This is a very good thing. Especially when it comes to hiking and camping when you might have smaller animals trying to attack.

In Conclusion:

We don’t recommend going looking for trouble. But you can use it to fend most small animals if you sharpen the bottom. So, you have a stick that helps you walk, it helps you hide your valuables, and a walking stick can even save your life! Check out the walking sticks that amazon has. Some of them are really cool and intriguing! For more tips, check out the rest of our site!

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