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Which Is Better? A Tent Or A Tarp For Backpacking?

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Although we will almost always bring a tent with us, we will sometimes bring a tarp with us as well. A smaller tarp fits comfortably on top of our backpack(s) between the clips or straps, while tent clips nicely right at the bottom of our backpack(s). If you plan to go out quite a ways, you want to try and keep weight to a minimum. Keep in mind that our way of doing things will always be reasonably different from yours. Everyone is unique.

A tarp can be much cheaper than a tent, but keep in mind what you will be using it for, and don’t forget to factor in the weather! However, if it is a comfortable day outside and you will not be going too far, you may be able to bring a tarp. The ability to turn the tarp into a pavilion of sorts can enable you to be able to bring a small grill and have yourself an all-day cookout. (With a big enough tarp of course).

Here Is A Comparison:

A Tarp:

A tarp can only cover so much, and a tarp has zero integrity in comparison to a tent. A tarp should be used only as a last resort, they cannot give you the full coverage that a tent can.

A Tent:

A tent will cover you completely, guarding you against wind and the weather and that can prevent you from becoming sick. Most quality tents are also tear-resistant, meaning they are made of materials that are much harder to tear vs. a tarp. Although some tarps hold up well, they are not the way to go for full coverage and dependability.

In Conclusion:

Whether you are by yourself or with friends, a tent is always the better option and will protect you better from the elements. Try to only use a tarp as a last resort because a tarp will not give you as much coverage as a one-man-tent. One-man-tents are typically the cheaper option because they are the smallest in the tent category. You will be thankful that you brought a tent instead of a tarp. Whatever you decide, whether it be a tent, a tarp, or a completely different form of shelter, we truly hope that this has helped you with your decision! For more tips, check out the rest of our site!

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