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What’s The Difference Between Camping And Glamping?

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Many people have wondered, and still ponder the question, “what is glamping”? Well, look no further! This article will help you to better understand glamping and the difference between it and traditional camping.

The Difference:


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Camping is an outdoor recreational activity. It involves setting up a “camp” or “campsite”. Setting up a campsite can be as simple as pitching a tent and setting up a fire pit or going camping in an RV. Camping is a very fun outdoor activity or sport. Many people will go much further than that, but it is usually not very costly to go camping unless you purposely buy really expensive gear. If you would like a full list of camping equipment to bring, check out our post – Why You Should Create A Camping Checklist.

Common Camping Equipment:

  • Tent(s)
  • Sleeping Bag(s)
  • Sleeping Pad(s) – Optional
  • Camping Pillow(s) – Optional
  • Lantern(s)
  • Camp Table(s)
  • Camp Chair(s)
  • Lighter And/Or Matches
  • A Map + Compass Or A G.P.S
  • Water Bottle(s)
  • A Camping Backpack
  • A Headlamp
  • Umbrella – (Optional)
  • Binoculars – (Optional)
  • Firestarter(s)
  • Multi-Tool


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Glamping stands for glamorous camping. Think about going camping with all of the expensive gear. Camping gear and supplies with amenities such as portable toilets, full portable kitchens, and even stand up portable showers! In its rawest form, it is an expensive camping trip and people will usually stay out for a while this way because they are basically setting up a home away from home. For some glamping equipment ideas, head over to!

Common Glamping Equipment:

  • Complete Kitchen
  • A Full Bathroom
  • A Full Shower
  • Blender
  • Bell Tents And Similar
  • A Pizza Oven
  • Full Surround Sound Speaker Set
  • Vintage Equipment
  • Lighter And/Or Matches
  • A G.P.S
  • Water Bottle(s)
  • A Headlamp
  • Umbrella
  • Binoculars
  • Multi-Tool


So there you go, now you know the difference between camping and glamping! Now, next time someone asks you, “what is glamping”, you’ll know the answer! has some awesome ideas for those who want to glamping!

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