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What Is A Glamping Pod?

What is a glamping pod?

What is a glamping pod?

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There’s a lot of different ways to spend your glamping trip. There are so many different camping trailers, pods, RVs, and general hookups that you can use. But what is a glamping pod?

traditional RV, what is a glamping pod?
traditional RV, what is a glamping pod?

Have you ever seen those smaller “camping trailers” that so many people all around the world go camping in? The picture below will give you a general idea of what one of these smaller trailers look like.

Now, think about one of those, but suited up, or “decked out” with all sorts of amenities. From the way they open, to the way they are made. While there are similarities between traditional or “regular” trailers that so many people go camping in. They are built completely differently.

All sorts of different things can be found in these “glamping pods”. From the big to the small, there are a ton of different things that can go into one of these.

emoji, WOW
emoji, WOW

Many things can be added on as well. Such as full beds, full bathrooms, and even a fireplace if you want one! The options are practically endless. So technically, you can turn an ordinary camping trailer into a “glamping trailer”.

Finding the best solutions for the best glamping pod for you is as simple as making yourself a list. Here is a small list of Amenities that you can have in your glamping pod.

Glamping Pod Amenities

  • Full Stove/Oven
  • Full Shower
  • Tv(s)
  • Space Heater(s) – (For Winter-time)
  • Mobile Office – (If You Work From Home)
  • Automatic Leveling System – (For Uneven Areas)
  • Extra Generator – (For things like a TV, Gaming System, Etc.)
  • Day/Night Window Shades
  • Stereo System – (Typically Other Than What Comes Standard)
  • Automatic Ice Maker(s)
  • Fireplace – (Electric, Gas, Propane, Etc.)
  • Outer projector System – (For A Drive-in Movie Feel)
  • Full Refridgerator
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Rearview Camera(s) – (For Easier Driving)

Now that you’ve had a glimpse of what you can have in your “glamping pod”. What do you think? Of course, that small list isn’t everything you can get. That list would be a LOT longer if we included everything, but you can add as many as your RV can handle if you don’t want to buy one.

Is A Glamping Pod Worth It?

shrug, is a glamping pod worth it?
shrug, is a glamping pod worth it?

For some, a “glamping pod” is so totally worth it, but to others, not so much. So, now the question becomes, is a “glamping pod” really worth it?

Nowadays with all the camping extras that you can get on the market. There are virtually endless reasons to get one. But there are also plenty of reasons not to.

If you are a frequent camper that just wants a little extra, it might not be worth it for you. However, if you’re a camper that wants it all, then it’s definitely worth it!

Remember, a “glamping pod” is technically a simple camping trailer or RV that has been heavily upgraded with lots of amenities.

To Sum It Up:

In reality, it isn’t affordable for everyone, and that’s OK. Not everyone has a big chunk of change to throw into a “glamping pod” or even to upgrade a normal trailer. It can get pricy.

When all is said and done, it’s all up to you. We’re only here to give you advice, not to push you into something that you’ll regret. Use this article as part of your guide and figure it out for yourself whether or not one of these are for you.

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