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What Are Some Early Signs Of A Flash Flood?

what are some early signs of a flash flood

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Do you ever worry about the area that you’re in might be in for a flash flood? Do you know any of the warning signs of a flash flood? If not, you’re in the right place!

In this article, we’ll explain to you some early warning signs of a flash flood whether you’re indoors or you’re enjoying the outdoors. This will be a super helpful and quick overview of early flash flood signs.

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings:

what are some early signs of a flash flood,

Your surroundings are always a good tell for whether or not a flash flood is on its way to your community or area that you’re in. If you’re concerned that there might be a flood coming to your area soon.

Look at the water levels in the streets. Look at the water itself. Whether or not it’s carrying sticks and/or leaves. If so, you will want to get to high ground immediately!

Dam Or Levee Failure:

what are some early signs of a flash flood,

If a dam or dams in your area begin failing, then this is a strong sign that there will be a flash flood in your area.

Dams are not only super helpful when there isn’t any stormy whether because they help in our generation of a large portion of electricity. But if they fail to operate correctly because the water levels are incorrect or VERY high.

This tells everyone that something is seriously wrong with the water levels. Many news stations will sometimes even explain this very thing when flash floods occur.

Snow Melting Early:

what are some early signs of a flash flood,

Snow melting early or too soon in your area can be a big contributor to flooding in your area. This is more of winter worry. However, this is definitely an early warning sign of flooding in your area. Since snow is entirely wade of water.

Slow-Moving Tropical Storms:

what are some early signs of a flash flood,

Slow-moving tropical storms are also another big contributor to flooding. Since the storms are slow, there will be more time for the rain to continue to fall, hence the flooding.

Keep One Eye On The News:

what are some early signs of a flash flood,

If you’re concerned about flash floods potentially hitting the area you’re in, then keep one eye on the news. This will be a huge help because the weatherman has a lot more information. New channels can see any weather movement through satellites.

Intense Rainfall:

what are some early signs of a flash flood,

Intense rain is another HUGE sign of flash floods. Since flooding is caused by heavy rains, it only makes plain blatant sense to be paying attention to how bad the rain is.

Be careful with this one though, because if you are driving in rain at over 40 mph in moderate rains.

It can feel as if something is seriously wrong and that a flood will occur, but that is probably not the case. We only say this because we have been there. Driving around town, but mostly when on the highway.

It can feel s if the weather is a LOT worse than it actually is. The rains need to be pretty darn heavy to force flash flood warning sign thinking.

Anyway, getting back to the point. The general rule of thumb for this one is to pay attention to rainfall and how bad it is.

What To Do In A Flash Flood:

On the off-chance that you are ever caught in a flash flood. Here are some main things that you can do in the reaction to the flood. Hopefully, you are never caught in a severely bad flash flood or a flash flood in general. However, we want you to be able to be safe in the case that something like this happens to you.

Get To high Ground:

what are some early signs of a flash flood,

Getting to high ground in a flash flood should be your first objective. After all, you can’t get food and water if you’re being washed away. So make this your NUMBER 1 priority in a flash flood.

Find Food And Water Immediately:

Once you have found high ground, you will want to look for any food and water that you can find. This is because you won’t know how long you will have to stay where you are.

One of the best things you can do to avoid this is to get yourself a survival kit. These survival or emergency kits come in real handy when things go down for real.

Grab An Inflatable Or Floatation Device:

Once you have found high ground and food. Try looking around for an inflatable. Anything that can inflate and is large enough to carry at 1 person. This will be super helpful in the case that you need to try and look for help, etc.


We hope that this article has been super helpful to you! We want you to be safe, so we created this article to hopefully give you an extra edge on the storm! If you loved it, why not show us some love and share it! Thanks for visiting our website!

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