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Tips For Setting Up A Tent bad weather

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When setting up a tent for camping in bad weather, you might have more trouble than in a calm setting. You do not have strong winds blowing your equipment around, and there is no rain to worry about. However, when setting up a tent in bad weather, you will have the elements trying to pull you down. So, what do you do when the weather is bad?

A great way of avoiding the bad weather is to bring some rain gear like a raincoat. This will allow you to cover up to avoid the bad weather a little better. You can also buy a tent that has a quick and easy setup process. This can cut your setup time in half.

Finding somewhere with good tree coverage is an excellent way of avoiding the rain and snow. If you can find an area with dense tree coverage, it will just about eliminate the bad weather that is falling on your head.

If you have a tarp or an emergency blanket available, tie it up on two of its corners from a tree to cover you while you are setting up your tent. You can tie up the ends with rope onto a tree, or you can puncture holes in the two corners, then hook them onto a smaller branch on a nearby tree.

If you want to start a campfire in the bad weather, you can use the same tarp that you set up your tent with and position it over the fire. Any waterproof material you have packed with you can work as coverage. You can also use things such as waterproof jackets or an emergency blanket.

Emergency Blankets

Emergency blankets are the plastic or metallic looking sheets commonly found in your trusty first-aid kit. These metallic blankets can be used in a lot of different situations, aside from just keeping you warm. For example, an emergency blanket can act as cover for your campfire or even your grille if it came down to it.

In Conclusion:

Setting up a tent in bad weather can be difficult, but remember to bring an emergency blanket with you on your next adventure. You will find that in more desperate circumstances, an emergency blanket can become extraordinarily valuable to you when setting up a tent in bad weather!

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