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Survive Permanent Match Fire Starter Review

survive fire starter lit

survive fire starter lit

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Survive Permanent Match




ease of use





  • Small
  • Easily used
  • Long lasting
  • Can carry on a key-chain


  • no color option

The survive permanent match is a great option when it comes to lighting a fire. A fire starter is always a no-brainer when it comes to camping, outdoor survival, outdoor living, and even fishing! Firestarters is a very significant component whenever you go camping, fishing, or hiking. Check it out!

We love this firestarter and ones like it because they are easy to use, long-lasting, and quite honestly, fun to use! When you have gone through a ton of matches like us that got soaking wet and ruined. Along with a lot of lighters that either got wet or plain out refused to light, even though they all had butane in them. You start looking for alternatives. This survive permanent match is the perfect solution to replace the traditional method!

survive permanent match, camping,

This permanent match is a great addition to anyone’s camping gear or supplies! It can last up to 10,000 strikes! When you are going camping, you can keep it right in your pocket if you want so that it is there to easily access and use. The survive permanent match was built with quality and durability in mind. They come in singles or in a multi-pack as shown in the image above.

The survive permanent match can hang from your key-chain so you never go without one! In our own experience, even if we go hiking. We will bring at least one fire starter just in case we need to start a fire. Sometimes, you don’t realize you have gone too far until you have already gone too far! We strongly believe that even the very inexperienced need a fire starter on them at all times. Wherever you go out adventuring, you will always need to have the ability to start a fire anywhere! Click here to check it out!

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