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Kayak Fishing: A Quick How-To Overview For Beginners

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The activity of fishing has been one of the most popular for many centuries. It is carried out by both the young and the old, as it is a fun pastime.

The practice has evolved over the years and today you can find many versions of fishing. One variant, (the one we are talking about here), is kayak fishing

Kayak fishing is a variant that has the same objectives as traditional fishing. But the use of the kayak gives you a lot more possibilities than the normal method.

Advantages like the ability to go into the deeper parts of a lake and being able to drop the line right in front of the fish, instead of having to wait for the fish to come to you. This is similar to fishing on a boat, but a kayak is much quieter.

Remember, anytime you go fishing, no matter what method you use. You are never guaranteed any fish at all. (In part, that’s why catching a fish is so much fun).

You always feel like you’ve accomplished something great! If you want to know more about kayak fishing, then keep reading and we’ll explain why you should try it and give you some tips!

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What Is The Right Thing To Do For Kayak Fishing?

Although it is a fun, different, and exciting activity, there are several considerations. Entering this adventure implies preparation so that everything goes smoothly and you don’t have any problems.

In this section, we specify what you must do to successfully carry out this hobby.

Start Early:

The day you decide to fish with a boat of this type, you must prepare yourself from dawn. Start early to move to the site so that you arrive in the early hours of the morning.

The idea is that you enjoy the day, make the most of the day and arrange your tools in time.

It is a proven truth that fishing is very productive in the early hours of the day, so get started as early in the day as you can.

Not to say that fishing isn’t workable in the evening, but if you get started early, you will already be on the water and set up for that perfect catch at sunset.

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You’re gonna need to fulfill some physical demands once you’re out on the water dropping the line. It’s essential that you feed yourself properly.

You don’t need to go all-out, but you will get hungry. (Unless you can magically bring a grill on the kayak with you, then you can cook your catch).

But since that’s nearly impossible, just bring some food along with you. Before you start, eat breakfast with fiber and bring supplies such as cereals, proteins, nuts, and water for the day.

Boat Selection:

The kayak you buy has to be optimal and in good condition. Even though most of them work, we advise you to choose one that is regulated for fishing, that is to say, one that is suitable.

There are several types, among them, there are the self-emptying, inflatable, closed for crossing, and with pedals or oars.

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Kayak fishing does not have to be an expensive venture. There are a TON of kayaks out there made for fishing starting from very low prices. Typically, you can get started kayak fishing for less than $500!

Now, you might be thinking, are you sure it only takes less than $500 to get started fishing out of a kayak? YES! We have looked all over the place and have found some great kayaks! Check out these fishing kayaks.

Fishing Tools:

Take with you the equipment and tools you need to fish safely. What items are important?

We suggest you carry a lantern or flashlight, a whistle, and a radio receiver. You also need to have a location tool such as a compass, sounder or GPS.

It is also important to use a conditioned vest, the right kayak, paddle, or oar. Check before you leave that you have the relevant parts.

For example the carabineers, the ropes, artificial fish or lures, hook, braided or monofilament line and jigging rod.

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Personal Tools:

The tools for fishing on the kayak are important for a successful voyage. However, there are other tools needed in order to have a great day.

These are the personal equipment items that you must take into account, being mainly the clothing or the clothes.

They must be comfortable and protect you from the water, that is why we recommend that they be thermal.

Likewise, the footwear has to be the same as the clothes, besides carrying a hat, sunscreen and gloves. Add extra clothes, your phone and a first aid kit in waterproof bags.

Check The Weather Conditions:

You can fish with this modality both in winter and in summer, both options are popular. In both cases take the necessary measures according to the time of year.

Check the weather conditions before starting the trip, and see if it is suitable for your day of kayak fishing.

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What Are The Appropriate Techniques?

In addition to the preparation and the right tools, there are other things you should do for kayak fishing. Among them is to use various techniques so that the activity more fun and easier on your body so that you can secure more fish.

While also not having to suffer through the aches and pains that come with learning how to fishing from a kayak. Everyone learns differently, so here are some suggestions.

Pay Attention To Your Position:

When you’re fishing on this boat, pay attention to the position you’re in. You must, for example, have a firm, correct, and proper posture.

That way you will not get tired easily, suffer physical exhaustion, or get quick pains. Although you can feel them the next day, it’s a good idea to try and reduce them.

Also, put your arms in a position where you feel comfortable. Your legs should be in this same mode and in a place that allows you to stretch.

While your back is better kept straight and placed next to the seat most of the time. This allows you to have support.

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The Start:

Don’t start with big movements, i.e. rowing hard as this can be counterproductive. It is better to start with a quiet march, without much effort and with some slowness. As you adapt, you can increase your pace.

Another important detail is how you feel physically. Some people are ready, but others have had no practice.

If you’re not in the right condition or just flat out have no experience, then you’ll have to row lightly so that you don’t injure yourself.

Learn Your Gear:

In order to catch more fish, you have to adapt the tools you use well. This means that you have to correctly assemble the fishing rod, lines, hooks, reels, rod, and reel, etc.

Follow the instructions on the packaging according to the brand you buy. If you’re totally confused by fishing in general, no worries, we a post that can give you more info on fishing in general HERE.

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Catching A Fish:

When you’re sure you’ve got a fish on the hook, you should carefully remove it. The catch is important, but so is the way you remove the fish.

First, ensure that you have caught it and then hold it firmly. Then, you can either use your hand or a hook removal tool to get the hook out.

Use Your Physical Condition:

If you are in perfect physical condition, make the most of it to make the trip magnificent.

Depending on how you are and what situation you are in, you can throw with one hand and row with the other. You can also benefit from the type of kayak, that is, if it is one with pedals.

Sea Or River Activity:

Another thing to keep in mind is the place where you decide to go kayak fishing. The modality varies if it is in the sea or in the river, so it is better to adapt according to the kind of water.

Both options behave differently, depending on that you can get advantages at the time of making the journey.

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What Not To Do?

There are different actions or things you should avoid doing when you want to go kayak fishing.

Start taking note of each of these aspects in order to have a pleasant adventure. For that reason, it’s better not to make the following mistakes that we specify here.

Do Not Get A Boat In Bad Condition:

You can buy a kayak in the physical stores or online. These boats may be new or used since everything will be subject to what you have in your pocket.

Before getting a canoe you should make sure that it is in good condition and has no, (or a minimal amount), of defects.

We do not advise you to buy boats that are in bad condition. If you buy a boat that has serious defects, or even a couple of holes, your kayak could sink and that isn’t good for anyone.

You’ll want to check which type of kayak suits you because each one has specific benefits. Make sure that you have the instructions and be guided by what the manual says.

Go Only To Authorized Areas:

You shouldn’t row and fish in areas that are not qualified by the authorities. There are different areas in both the sea and the river that are not suitable for such purposes.

Before leaving, check that the place you are going to has the regulations and the power to do so.

As a preventative measure, consult which areas are within the law. Keep in mind that ideally, you should sail less than 2 miles from the coast.

If you plan to go further than 5 miles, it’s a smart idea to be in a group with several boats.

Understanding How To Sail:

It is also recommended that you have at least a minimum knowledge of how to navigate. This allows you to identify where the currents or wind are when you make the crossing.

You should know how to anchor, row, and control the boat.

Avoid Breaking The Rules:

For kayak fishing, there are a number of regulations issued by the relevant authorities.

You have to know those rules that are used to navigate and do this particular activity. Check them out before you go.

It’s Healthy Fun!

This is the main reason why you should try fishing from a boat of this kind. Such practice is healthy fun, great entertainment, and recreational activity that represents being able to recreate yourself.

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The Tools Are Easy To Get And Maintain:

A good reason to go on the tour is because you can get the necessary tools easily. There are specialized shops where you have the opportunity to get quality equipment.

The simple tools to acquire include the kayak and the fishing materials.

You can also get them at different prices that fit your pocket. That is to say, from the cheapest to the most ostentatious.

Another reason is because all these materials and tools are easy to maintain. Put them away correctly once you use them and that are it.

Multiple Benefits:

This practice gives you many benefits when you decide to do it. For example, it allows you to move your tools easily as they are usually not too heavy.

There are fishing materials and light boats. It gives you the advantage of storing the equipment to reduce space.

It Offers Many Possibilities:

In traditional fishing you can only catch fish on the shore. But through the canoe it allows you endless possibilities when it comes to getting fish.

You can go to spaces where there is a variety of species, since you have the opportunity to navigate in different areas.

Both Boat And Tools Have Many Functions:

After doing the activity, the equipment is left for you to use whenever you want. That is, on another day when you don’t want to fish, you can sail the boat to make a normal crossing.

This applies to the fishing tools, since they are not only for you to use with the kayak.

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Being Physically Active:

Try to do this activity anyway because it allows you to be physically active.

It’s considered a kind of sport, in which you will use your body and burn certain calories.

It’s a fun and truly relaxing way to exercise and at the same time do something totally recreational.

The Final Word:

Finally, we recommend that you let a family member know where you will be before you start your journey.

Bring a phone with you in order to be in communication with other people, in case something unexpected happens.

Place your mobile phone in a waterproof bag so that water does not enter it.

We suggest that you go with another person on the excursion to have a better adventure. Check, before going, if you have the necessary equipment recommended above.

Likewise, do not forget to know the rules of navigation, rowing, fishing and, above all, start enjoying it to the fullest.

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