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How To Start A Fire Anywhere

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Being able to start a fire anywhere you go is a very useful skill, this skill is used for survival. If you don’t know how – we are here to help! This one will be short, but straight to the point. Here is what you will need to know to start a fire.

Items You Will Need

How To Start A Fire

  • First – Start by placing 4-8 pieces of thicker wood/logs either in a tee-pee format or any symmetrical shape. (In a square, circle, rectangle, etc…
  • Second – Place your kindling/Tinder directly in the middle of your wood/logs. (make sure your kindling/tinder are spread evenly, but not far away from each other).
  • Third – Light Your Fire. This step seems easy enough right? Wrong. Most will tell you to just light it and you’ve got a fire, and this can be true if you’ve previously done it. However, when lighting a fire, pay attention to these three key things and you’re golden!
    • 1). Make sure your tinder or kindling is not at all wet, this can stop your fire from starting or at least it will take much longer to light.
    • 2). Aim the spark directly at the center of the tinder and not at the around the sides. (this is for when using flint or a similar fire starter).
    • 3). Make sure your fire gets plenty of oxygen during lighting. (oxygen plays a main role in the fire lighting. If you light it in a spot that is too covered, your fire may not start).

Starting a fire can sometimes be difficult, we know this from personal experience. it’s usually fairly easy, but Make sure and follow all of these steps and you all set!

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