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How To Make Halloween Camping A Scary Adventure

make halloween camping a scary adventure, outdoors, camping,

make halloween camping a scary adventure, outdoors, camping,

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Camping itself is considered scary enough for most. Going deep into the woods and facing mother nature. It’s a real eye-opener experience every time you go if you’re a lover of camping. Either way though. Camping is a sure-fire bet for something that will make your Halloween camping trip a scary adventure to remember!

When you break it all down. From preparation to going back home. There will be plenty of opportunities to scare your friends through camping.

You can set up specific or designated areas that have costumes and you can change into them all throughout a walk in the wood and scare their pants off!

Think about how much fun it would be. All sorts of things to do. Ideas to merge and implement. It’s all pretty exciting. Especially when the real thing happens!

Why Camping?

Ever since it was recognized as something to be afraid of by so many. Camping has been a symbol of horror movies, games, storybooks, and much more.

Tent, Dark, Night, camping, outdoors, camp, haunted, scary, Halloween,

Tents themselves are and will always be the signifying piece of traditional camping.

Like every horror movie in the woods when it’s completely black outside.

Like so many of the intelligent horror that has been created, it’s a big space with plenty of room for improvement.

So always remember to provide yourself with room to improve on the experience. That could become the most exciting part for you all by itself. You never know until you try!

Where Does The Fun Come In?

There are so many different super fun things that you can do to make Halloween camping a scary adventure.

From terrifying creatures in the woods… to randomly running up and shaking your friend’s tent while playing crazy monster sounds off of your phone!

Well… at least that last one is one of our favorites. To see the look on a friend’s face after they realize it wasn’t real. Absolutely… priceless. 🙂

A Few Spooky Ideas To Scare Their Pants Off!

1). Creature Noises:

Try some creepy creature sounds to get them on their toes. It’s a sure bet to get them a little shaky and all set up for the official scares!

You can use a lot of different tools to do this. Such as your smartphone, laptop, tablet.

There are also devices designed specifically for this. Some of these devices even allow you to buy multiple of them.

You’ll be able to and set them up all across the woods and activate them as needed. They’re really cool. Check them out HERE if you’d like.

2). Props:

make halloween camping a scary adventure, outdoors, camping,

Props can go a long way to helping your Halloween fun. There are quite literally TONS of different things that you can do!

You can set up props wherever you go. Some are very easily portable and some are not. It depends on what you buy.

There is a VERY large variety of props out there. Click HERE to browse what Amazon has to offer. There’s a LOT!

3). Terrifying Food!

Give your Halloween camping adventure a little extra by changing the food up a little bit.

You can use food coloring to change it up. Food coloring is always a fun way to make your food look absolutely terrifying!

Form cake to omelets. You can make your food look as weird as you want with food coloring.

There are a lot of other ways to change up your food. Things such as different creepy shapes and sizes.

You can even make a cake look like a brain if you want. Or your cookies look like zombies. The possibilities are endless!

Get creative and you’ll have some food that will make them second guess what they just ate. It’s all part of the fun!

4). Scavenger Hunt In The Woods:

Get everyone together for a scary scavenger hunt in the woods or somewhere similar. As long as it’s dark out, you can do this one.

A really fun way to conduct a Halloween scavenger hunt is to get some toy skulls, brains, and bones.

Then hide them all around with candies or something similar inside of each one.

There are many truly cool-looking sets for Halloween scavenger hunts.

Check some out or make some of your own. It’s up to you. But this is definitely one to add to your adventure!

Don’t Forget The Small Details:

Sure, you can do it by the book. Or directly from where you looked the trick up from. Whatever the case is.

A personal touch always goes a long way of making your Halloween camping trip a scary adventure that much more fun for you and your terrified friends.

For example, instead of simply using what you think you need. Use something completely different than what you would expect and knock their socks off.

Try Some Smaller Decorations!

A Haunted Mirror:

This one is super cool and truly fun to play around with. Haunted mirrors are a reality now! Of course, there aren’t real ghosts in there, but it’s real enough to be fun.

Did you know these haunted mirrors existed? We didn’t until a little while ago. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. As well as different colors.

Even if you don’t want to buy one of these, you should still totally check them out! Click HERE to see one of the coolest haunted mirrors out there.


Zombie Halloween decoration has become somewhat of a new trend. Especially among the new generation.

It makes sense because they… are… CREEPY!

These are fun to play with and typically very easy to set up.

You can put a zombie wherever you want. Try to be strategic with them though.


Or if you prefer something a little more cray and fear inducing.

Place a giant spider somewhere on a big web. That would look crazy!

Give your friends an easy scare when you walk into somewhere and shine a light on the giant spider sitting directly above everyone in the dark!


Another good way to get some scares out of your friends is to use ghosts. You can either make them with some sheets or something similar

You can also be the ghost if that suits your fancy. It’s a lot of fun jumping out of nowhere on your friends. You’ll all be laughing your heads off later.

Remember To Have Fun!

Halloween is a time to go crazy on your friends… just kidding! Seriously though, it’s a time to be crazy and go see some scary movies. Maybe doing some trick or treating if you’re up for it. As well as… you guessed it… SCARING YOUR FRIENDS!

Make this Halloween one of your best. Scare the pants off of your friends and you’ll all remember it and laugh about it for a long time to come!

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