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How To Fix A Leaky Tent

tent, how to fix a leaky tent

tent, how to fix a leaky tent

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A leaky tent is always a pain. It’s one of those things we campers hope will never happen. But, sometimes it does happen. Don’t worry though, there are a lot of ways to fix your leaky tent. In this article, we’ll show you a few ways of how to fix a leaky tent. As well as some tips to help you prevent this same situation from happening again. So here we go!

Tent Tip – Low Pricing Usually means Low Quality:

Repairing a Leaky tent doesn’t have to be complicated. Maybe you’ve heard this saying before – “it’s only complicated if you make it complicated.” Your tent problem could very well be a simple fix, which is much more likely.

It goes to show that you really do get what you pay for as well. If you buy a tent just because it’s cheap, you’re most likely not get any real “bang for your buck.” The cheaper you go, the worse the quality of the tent will be.

You see, more often than not, when you go with the cheap option, you don’t get equipment of very high quality. When it comes to your tent, it’s the only thing separating you from the outside elements. When you think about it like that, you might change your opinion.

Your tent is one of – if not THE most important piece of equipment in your entire set of gear. It not only protects you from the outside elements, but it helps to protect you from other things in your surroundings. Such as smaller, more curious animals and insects on the ground.

cold, shivering, how to fix a leaky tent,

Imagine going camping, and the first day you use your tent, it begins to leak. Wouldn’t that be awful? Look, do yourself a huge favor. Save yourself the time, energy, and disappointment that comes with a cheap tent and buy a quality tent.

That doesn’t mean you need to buy something expensive. Just do your research before you buy and try not to impulse buy when it comes to your tent. Without your tent, it wouldn’t be camping anymore – unless you have an RV, but that’s a different form of camping that is closer to glamping than original camping itself. (Amenities, etc.)

Not to say that going camping in an RV is bad or unfun, but we’re talking about tents here. Sure, the tent that you might be looking at looks cool, but will it hold up? Probably not if you get something dirt cheap and of low quality.

So, how do you fix a leaky tent? Well. Let’s dive into this article and we’ll show you how to fix a leaky tent in a few different ways.


It can be really troublesome to find a leak in your tent sometimes. So, in light of that, here is one of the easiest ways that we know to find a leak in your tent.



Spraying your tent with water is a sure-fire way of finding a leak in your tent. When doing this, it’s best to have a partner handy. This will be a huge help in finding the leak. As one person can be on the outside and the other can be on the inside.

To do this, make sure your tent is fully set up and you spray the water onto the tent as if you are out in the rain. This will re-create rainfall and help you find your tent leak.

While one person is on the inside of your tent looking for leaks. The other will be spraying or dumping water on the top of the tent. While the water pours over the top of the tent, it will fall through any leaks that are in your tent and you can then mark the spots and use the list below to fix your leak.

This is one of the easiest ways to go about finding the leak in your tent because is literally re-creates the rainfall. Now that you know how to find your tent leak, let’s get into how to fix it!

Tools You Might Need For Your Tent Repair:

  • A Drop Cloth
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • A Washcloth Or Rag
  • Plastic Or Metal Seam Tools – ( I.E. Roller, Seam Puller, etc.)

Gorilla Tape:

Gorilla tape is an awesome tool for patching a multitude of different kinds of holes, scrapes, and cuts on your tent as well as the human body. Much like Duct Tape, gorilla tape can close up a tent leak quickly. The difference between gorilla tape and duct tape is that duct tape tends to leak after a while.

Although duct tape is handy, it’s no match for gorilla tape. Gorilla tape is the industrial or stronger version of duct tape! Sometimes it doesn’t take a whole lot, and sometimes it takes a lot to purge the duct tape. Often times, duct tape will begin to leak within a few minutes to a few hours.

gorilla tape, how to fix a leaky tent,

Gorilla tape on the other hand is much harder to peel off once it is applied. It will stop up the leak and even soak up the water landing on it! It’s like the industrial-grade duct tape. You apply it once and you’re done!

The only downside is that it doesn’t last forever, but gorilla tape is a great way to go for tent repair. Especially if it’s something smaller than the tape itself so that the entire spot can be covered with one piece.

Now, there are a lot of factors that can make duct tape fail, but in our experience – gorilla tape holds firm in all types of weather. The key is to place the gorilla tape on the inside of the tent where the leak is.

Placing the tape on the outside of your tent can force the tape to soak up an excessive amount of water and it could fail and fall off. leaving you right back where you were. So, if you are to use this method, make sure that you place the tape on the inside of the tent where the rip or tear is.


rubber cement,

Rubber cement is a great way to close up those tent punctures. The name says it all. It’s rubberized cement capable of fixing tent leaks, roof failures, caulking leaks, and many more.

The downside of rubber cement is that it is meant to be used with patches and not as a patch itself. But, if you have something that you’ll can use as a patch and you have some rubber cement handy, then have at it with this one!

Leak Sealant Spray:

Leak sealant spray is a great way to seal up those smaller breaks in your tent. It’s best used with cuts or slits in the fabric and not big holes. If you have small areas that need fixing, then use this by itself and you should be fine.

leak sealant spray,

On the other hand, if you have a large hole in the tent, you will want to use this with a patch. You can also use the leak sealant spray in combination with the patch on smaller areas for an even tighter seal.

What Is Leak Sealant Spray?

Leak sealant spray is a rubberized spray that hardens on surface contact. Think of it like super glue and the like. What happens when you apply super glue to a cut on your skin or in between two objects? It sticks to the surfaces and expands until it’s a hard substance and is no longer a liquid.

These leak sealant sprays work the same way except they are made for large repairs like roof leaks, floor seals, and yes – tent leaks. These sprays are very useful because they can repair your tent leak and they’ll help to keep the elements out just as good or better than the tent itself!

Super Glue:

super glue, how to repair a leaky tent

Super glue is another good way to fix that leaky tent. It works really well on materials that most tents are made out of. Such as nylon and polyester.

Many people use super glue as a quick fix to something. Heck, we use superglue everywhere too. Just remember that super glue is a temporary fix.

Although super glue won’t be as strong as the previous glue method – (I.E, leak sealant spray) – it will still work as a temporary fix.

Needle And Thread:

how to repair a leaky tent, needle and thread,

Something as simple as a needle and thread could be your problem solver. Depending on the type of material you use – (such as nylon, polyester, etc.) – a needle and thread just might do the trick.

The needle and thread method won’t always work, so don’t bank on it working. However, the majority of the time, this method will work. We say that it works most of the time because not all tents are made the same.

Some fabrics are just flat out hard to fully seam it to where it’s waterproof. Remember that it’s a tent, not a pair of jeans. This is the exact reason why we placed more than just one way of how to fix a leaky tent.

A Tarp:

tarp, how to repair a leaky tent,

If nothing else, a tarp will certainly do the trick in fixing your tent leak. Or at least while the tarp covers your tent.

Tarps are super useful for situations like this where you have a tear in ou tents’ canvas and it’s unrepairable or very hard to repair. Tarps are meant to be used as a quick fix or a last resort for tent leaks.

But, if nothing else on this list works, (slim chance), then a tarp is your way to go. If you love the tent that you have and cannot repair the leak, (or don’t want to), you can always bring a tarp with your every time you go camping and you’ll be leak-free!

To Sum It Up:

Following one or more of these steps will surely have your tent back into working condition. We hope that this article has helped you fix that leaky tent, and hopefully, you learned something new too! Now, get back out there and enjoy the great outdoors! Thank you for visiting our website! We hope to see you back here again soon! Right here at!

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