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How You Can Find The Perfect Tent Size

rsz laura pluth rmicihnooig unsplash 1

rsz laura pluth rmicihnooig unsplash 1

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Finding the best tent can sometimes be a lot of headaches because your not sure what there is, or you don’t know what size tent to pick. Here are some tips to help you find the right tent for you! There are 4 basic tent sizes to worry about in today’s marketplaces. Here they are:

1). A one-man tent – This tent is for those who would prefer to go out on their own and create their own adventure. With a one-man tent, you will have space for only one person, and if there is another person, it better be your significant other because you two will be a tight fit.

2). A 2-3 Person tent – This tent is for those who are camping with a friend or two. If your whole family is going, a three-person tent is not for you.

3). A 3-5 Person Tent – The 3-5 person tent is for a small family or a small party. You may be able to fit a sixth person depending on the manufacturer because some tents run bigger than others.

4). 5-7 person tent – A 5-7 person tent should be the max that most people need. This tent should fit your whole family!

5). 7-10 Person Tent Size –

A 7-10 person tent is definitely only one for those who have either a lot of people with them. Unless all you want is that extra space!

In Conclusion:

Whichever tent size you choose to use, just be sure you don’t pick a size too big or too small. also has some great tips! Check them out here! If you pick a tent that is too large, it will take a lot more work to pitch your tent than if you bought it for the right amount of people. For more tips, check out the rest of our site!

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