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Hiking: 10 Awesome Benefits

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Hiking is a super fun outdoor activity for just about anyone. It is very popular amongst a lot of social circles, all of which are professional and non-professional. Hiking is always fun and sometimes very intriguing. You never know what you will discover when you go hiking! You could run across something truly amazing that no one has ever seen before. There is also always the possibility of finding something completely unique on your hiking trips. All the while, you are getting healthier just by hiking! This is because you are working out almost your entire body when you go hiking. There are a lot of awesome benefits of hiking.

Some of our most cherished memories are from all of our fun hiking adventures. Some of us hikers have been going hiking ever since we were children. Our childhood memories of going hiking with our families will last forever. That is something else that is awesome about hiking. When we have our very own children, we can give our children the same wonderful memories.

Of course, there are still plenty of other memories to make with all of the other outdoor activities like camping. However, hiking is towards the top of the list for sure. So, with all that in mind, let’s get into these 10 benefits of hiking.

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10 Benefits Of Hiking:

1). Hiking is Great Exercise

When you go hiking on the trail, most of your body is being worked consistently. Your upper body weight is on your legs, and your upper body starts to get worked when your legs get tired. Therefore, just about your entire body gets worked out when you go hiking. Getting good exercise is also only one of the many benefits of going hiking. This just goes to show that hiking is an excellent outdoor activity. Countless tests and a lot of years of people going hiking proves that hiking is nothing but beneficial to your mind, body, and soul!

2). Hiking Can Lower Your Risk For Heart And Lung Diseases

According to PubMed and WebMD, just walking more often can lower your risk of heart, lung, and cardiovascular diseases. Hiking is a significant exercise for your entire body and not just your legs. Typically, the more active you are, the healthier you will become over time. The same rule goes for your lungs. If you are going hiking, you are, or will be, using your lungs to capacity or at least close to capacity. Deep breathing along with controlled breathing, exercises your lungs. This is very beneficial to your lungs, and in turn, having healthy lungs mean a healthier heart as well.

3). Hiking Can Improve Your Natural Balance

Hiking can improve your natural balance. This is because when you are hiking, your body practices a lot of natural fighting with gravity. When you are active a lot, your body’s balance naturally gets better because you are walking a lot. Remember this: What is one of the main causes that throw you off balance in the first place? Gravity!

4). Hiking Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

Your mental health has a lot to do with your physical health. Going hiking at least every so often helps to improve your overall physical fitness. So in turn, your mental health will naturally improve. This is especially true for a LOT of people with anxiety depression. This leads us to the next point on hiking with anxiety and depression.

5). Hiking Can Help Reduce Anxiety And Depression

Hiking can help improve anxiety and depression in a lot of big ways. This is because a lot of where the depression comes from in a lot of our lives is stress. Stress is a huge killer, and what better way to relieve stress than being in the great outdoors! This same is also true for most anxiety disorders. A lot of the reason that even have these unfortunate issues is from staying indoors too much. Yes, there is such a thing as being indoors too much. Just a little humor for you.

6). Hiking Gets You Outdoors

Hiking gets you outside in the fresh air! The sounds of birds chirping and water flowing, you might not think so but just sitting and listening to these sounds while you are standing on the top of a beautiful cliff, watching the horizon. It can be absolutely amazing and very relaxing!

7). Hiking Can Help Lower The Risk Of Diabetes

Diabetes can have a lot to do with your exercising habits. If you do not exercise at all or very little, hiking can dramatically improve your physical condition. Hiking can also help lower your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and that alone can help to make you feel a lot better!

8). Hiking Can Bring You Closer To Nature

When you out hiking, there are so many different things in nature that are amazing. Back when the world began, we all walked barefoot and soaked up minerals from the ground with our feet. This was way back when we didn’t have all this technology. When you get outside and get a little closer to nature on a hike, you will begin to appreciate it more than you ever thought you would. You might even surprise yourself!

9). Hiking Can Cure Loneliness

Hiking is an activity that a lot of people participate in. There are groups all over social media and the internet in general. A lot of these hiking communities are always on the lookout for or a social activity. You can also meet up with many awesome people that have been hiking for a long time and can show you the ropes if you need the practice! So yes, hiking can be a cure for loneliness.

10). Hiking Helps To Ease And/Or Prevent Bone Disease

Since hiking has a lot to do with leg exercise, it helps to strengthen your leg muscles and bone density. This is because when you go hiking, most or all of your body weight is constantly on your legs. Your body also gets to practice moves with gravity from going uphill etc.

In Conclusion:

Now that you know just how awesome the benefits of hiking are for your entire body and mind, will you be going hiking the next time you get a chance? We sure will be! So get out there and get active! Remember to have fun though. You do not have to go really far when hiking, just get started! If you need help with starting your first hike, check out one of our other posts about hiking! Check out our post about hiking safety here.

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