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Fun Tips And Information About Igloos, And How They Keep You Warm In The Coldest Temperatures!

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rsz erik mclean qrhtk8tbx e unsplash

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Igloos are warm because snow is an insulator, and your body heat alone is what warms it up. Although, if the igloo is made up completely of ice, the temperatures would be much colder inside than out. The shape they are built-in help lessen the wind! The temperature inside an igloo is usually around 20 degrees. Inside temperatures will stay that way even in -50 degree weather!

Igloos can make for a great camping adventure! They are even better than some extreme tents in very cold, well below zero temperatures! An igloo can last as long as eight weeks, according to some recent studies. You can even start a fire inside one! However, you do need to be careful to do this properly. Place the fire in the dead center of the igloo. As far away from the walls as possible, this way the ice won’t heat up enough to melt. If you can do this correctly, the igloo will lose heat just as fast as the fire can put heat out.

Even when the temperature is well below freezing, an igloo is guaranteed to be much warmer inside than out. The temperature inside the igloo won’t drop below freezing because it is warmed with the body heat of everyone inside. Igloos can sometimes get so warm that they end up melting. To counteract this downside, people will make small openings in the igloo for ventilation so it doesn’t melt!

However, the igloo will eventually begin to melt. Igloos can not last forever just because it’s freezing out! Holding all that heat in its snow pockets builds up after a while. How you build the igloo will determine the length of its existence. No, the igloo will not collapse in on you as long as you build it correctly.

Here is how to build an igloo! First, gather snow into a mound or pile. Wide enough for as many people that are going to be in it. High enough to for everyone to be able to stand comfortably. It is essential to keep the floor below the entrance so that cold air stays out! Mix different layers of snow to make the igloo as sturdy as needed. The walls should be at least a foot thick. Carve a doorway on the igloo and tunnel your way below ground to hollow out the inside. All in all, take your camping trip seriously, and have fun! has some great tips about camping in and building an igloo. Check them out here! For more outdoor tips, check out the rest of our site!

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