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Fishing Tips For Beginners

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rsz alan bishop gjshuj qb2s unsplash

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It can sometimes be hard to figure out where to start when going fishing. This article a helpful solution to ease your mind a little. For more fishing tips, check out this post!

Fishing Gear:

You want to bring a good tackle box or tackle bag. If you bring a small tackle box, you won’t be able to pack everything you need to lure in those big catches! you need to be able to bring at least 10 of each lure, and 2 different kinds of line, (different tension points). For example, 10 pound and 20-pound test.

Fishing Pole:

You will want to get a decent fishing pole. A fishing pole that is too weak for your particular application could be detrimental to your whole day of fishing! We’ve broken a lot of fishing poles because we didn’t do my research and buy the right pole. Think about what the pole will be used for. In our experience, bringing the right pole can save you some serious money! So let us get into the fishing tips!

List Of Fishing Gear:


You want to bring some form of light such as a lantern. The best time to fish is always either early in the morning or early evening, and it will get dark faster than you think! You can also bring glow sticks that are bright enough to be secondary lighting. In our experience, it is never a bad idea to bring at least a flashlight of some kind, we recommend a lantern, or some form of a hanging light because of the convenience factor of being able to either set it on the ground or hang it from anywhere it’ll hang, like a tree for example.

Lighting Examples:


Bring tools to get hooks out of not only the fish’s mouth but your own skin at times as well! We have hooked ourselves a lot of times, and never on purpose of course! It is much easier to utilize something like needle-nose pliers. There a lot of tools just for this application!

List Of Fishing Tools:


Bring a cooler and a camping chair. A cooler is not only useful for holding fish you want to keep but if you don’t catch anything that day, you can fill it up with drinks, and we will usually bring some beer! (Beer Is For Adults 21 And Over only!). That way you still have a good fishing trip! Fishing was not only created as a way for survival, but another way to have fun in the great outdoors, so enjoy yourself!

List Of Comfort Items:

In Conclusion:

Fishing is a great sport to get into. Out there on the shore or boat on the cool water. It can be great for your overall well-being as well. Use these fishing tips to your advantage and get a head start. When you go out fishing, you are using most of the muscles in your body. So, even just the activity if fishing itself is healthy. You can also keep your fish and take them home for dinner if you are allowed. So get out there, enjoy the sun and go enjoy fishing! For more fishing tips, check out this post! Fishing: A Guide For Getting Started!

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