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Fishing: A Guide For Getting Started

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Fishing is an awesome outdoor sport that is really fun, and sometimes even challenging! There are so many great things that you can get out of fishing. For example, many people go in order to spend more time with your family and friends. So, let’s get started with this fishing guide so that you can get to catching those fish!

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Fishing began way back in the 15th century. A lot of what was done in the 15th century was deep-sea fishing. The sport has survived all the way to modern times. This is because it, (at least for the most part), has always been done as a means of survival.

Today, it is not only done as a means for survival, but it is also done for sport and the commercialized selling of fish. Many people all around the world have been going fishing for a long time.

Benefits Of Fishing:

  • It helps to improve your body posture and makes you physically fit for the activity because it engages your whole body. This is so because when you are trying to catch a fish, you will engage your whole body; your shoulders, arms, back, legs, knees, and core altogether.
  • Your immune system is boosted when you are out fishing. This is because it is mostly done when the sun is out, (meaning in the daytime), and sitting out in the sun provides your whole body with vitamin D.
  • Fishing promotes relaxation. You can embark on this outdoor activity to meditate and relax after long hours spent in the sun trying to catch fish. Fully engaging in fishing helps to lower your blood pressure and helps to reduce anxiety levels.

Because of the modern industry giving a lot of the world easy access to fish, most people no longer fish as a means of survival. On the other hand, that is exactly why fishing was turned into a sport!

Many people from all different sorts of backgrounds and locations go year-round. This just proves that no matter where you are in the world, fishing will always be around.

What To Bring When Going Fishing?

Well, it depends on what kind of fishing you are participating in. For example, you can choose to go to a lake, or you could go to the ocean. However, you will find a list of general fishing gear listed below and explained.

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  • A Fishing Pole:
    • A fishing pole is your best friend when you fish because it is the main tool that you use to fish with. These poles come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. There are many different kinds of poles. Along with many different reels, and rod handles. Fishing poles are used to fish with, yes, but there are many different kinds.
    • There are many different kinds of fishing poles that are used for a variety of applications. For example, some poles are used for catching small fish and some poles are used to catch much larger fish in the sea. There are a few basic sizes of fishing poles to start with. has an awesome post here about how to buy a fishing pole. and also have some awesome tips for buying a fishing pole here.
  • A Tackle Box:
    • A tackle box is your second best friend when you fish. This is because your tackle box is, or should be, filled with most of what you need to fish with. A full list of what should be found in your tackle box can be found below. Each item is explained as well.
      • Fishing Line:
        • The line is what is used in conjunction with a pole to catch fish. The line can be found in many different tensions, sizes, and even different colors!
      • Fishing Bait and Lures:
        • Fishing bait is used to lure the fish for the next catch. The bait comes in many different forms. Some are fake, such as rubber or metal, and some are real. A lot of what goes into whether or not you use live or fake bait is up to you. However, live bait does work best for catching fish.
      • Fishing Hooks:
        • Fishing hooks are used for hooking the fish so that you can reel it in for the home run. Just like bait and line, there are many different kinds of hooks of many different shapes and sizes.
      • Needle Nose Pliers:
        • Needle nose pliers are used for getting the fish off of the hook in order to release or keep it. They are also helpful in breaking, snapping, or ripping the line if the line or the hook gets tangled or stuck. For example, the line could get stuck in the ground or on some weeds and will be unretrievable unless you go in and get it. Most of the time, however, it is usually not worth going and getting the line because it can be a pain trying to save your line or hook.
      • A Small First-Aid Kit:
        • First-Aid is always a necessity when handling any fishing equipment. You could hurt yourself on something, and you will be glad that you brought it.
      • Fishing Bobbers:
        • Bobbers are used for two main reasons. The first main reason is that bobbers give you the ability to see where your line is. The second reason is that bobbers make it easier to tell whether or not you get a bite. This is because sometimes you can either not feel the vibration of the fish bitting in the pole. Or you have set the pole down and are watch and waiting for a bite.
      • Sinkers:
        • Sinkers are used to sink your line in the water. This is so that your line does not sit or float on top of the water. When you use sinkers on your line, it enables you to more easily lure and catch fish.
      • Swivels:
        • Swivels are used for easily switching lines, hooks, and bait. This makes it so much easier to easily switch line tension, and this can be very valuable for an avid fisherman. These swivels are not a necessity, but they are very useful for any fisherman.
      • Line cutters:
        • Line cutters are used for exactly what its name indicates, cutting your line. Like pliers, they can cut your line, but a lot more efficiently and can be much faster. Your line can get stuck or tangled, so bring some line cutters along with you.
      • Sunglasses:
        • Everyone knows what sunglasses are for. Sunglasses are used to protect your eyes from the sun when it gets too bright outside. Bring some with you, you will not regret bringing sunglasses.
      • Sunscreen:
        • Sunscreen is used for protecting your asking from harmful UV rays from the sun. It can help prevent skin cancer from the sun as well.
      • An Extra fishing Reel:
        • Your fishing reel is what you would use to reel in your line. Sometimes things do not go as planned. Bringing an extra reel with you is not a necessity, but it is always a good idea to bring a spare just in case. This is in case you do break a reel or tangle it a lot and you do not want to untangle it.
      • Rain Gear:
        • You never know if the clouds are planning to drop water on your head. Bring some rain gear so that you are prepared for the storm.

Where To Go Fishing?

There are many places that you can go fishing. For example, if you have a lake or ocean near you, you will have easy access to it all-year-round! Two examples of great fishing spots are listed below.

  • A Lake: Lakes are perfect for both beginners and experienced fishers. Going fishing at a lake is always fun, and you can bring your whole family if you want!
  • The Ocean: Going to an ocean typically means you are looking to catch very large fish or in large quantities. You can bring your whole family fishing in the ocean as well. Unless they do not like being on a boat. If you do go fishing in the ocean, watch out for the sharks! We’re just joking…or maybe not, just be careful.

What about a boat?

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Bringing a boat with you when you go fishing could make your fishing experience that much better. Bring a cooler with some drinks and maybe some snacks. Along with all of your fishing gear, such as the gear we listed previously in this article. Going on a boat is a lot of fun. Whether you go in a small boat or a large boat, you are sure to have a blast!

In Conclusion:

So, is the fun outdoor sport of fishing for you? For us, there is no question. matter your background, where you live, or your age. Fishing is a fun outdoor sport that anyone could fall in love with! Use this guide to help you get started and you will be catching fish before you know it! Did you find this helpful? Why not share it! We also have another article about fishing here.

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