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Comfy Ideas To Make Your Glamping Trips Even Better

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Comfy ideas to make your glamping trip even better!

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Glamping is a super fun form of traditional camping. So much so, that glamping can sometimes feel like being right at home. Almost like your living room was moved right into the middle of nature! From the tent to the campfire, we have some comfy ideas to make all of your glamping trips even better.

Inflatable Furniture:

camping, glamping, comfy ideas to make all of your glamping trips even better

Bringing inflatable furniture along with you on your camping trip will help you to get a more homey feeling. Collapsing to the size of a folded towel, and blowing up to the size of a normal couch. Inflatable furniture is a must-have if you’re looking for more comfort within the boundaries of your campsite!

What’s cool about inflatable furniture is that you can bring them home when you’re done camping and set them up in your living room if you don’t have a couch. They’re also good back-ups when your furniture needs to be disassembled and washed.

camping, glamping, comfy ideas to make all of your glamping trips even better

You can find a whole bunch of different furniture items that are inflatable. Such as the couch in the above image. They’re also actually affordable for the average joe, so they won’t hurt the pockets if you don’t want to spend much money to add some comfort to your campsite! Everyone wins with that in our opinion.

A Bigger Tent:

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A bigger tent might just be all you need. It can sometimes get cramped if you bring other people. That one is obvious.

But what about if you’re more of a solo camper, you still might need a bigger tent. Just because you’re camping solo, it doesn’t mean that you have to go camping in a one-man tent.

Many solo campers prefer to camp in a 2 to 4 person tent when going solo, and you can too!

Honestly, it IS a lot better to get yourself a bigger tent when you’re a solo camper. It’s a lot more comfortable as well. Especially for first-time campers or those who are Closter phobic.

camping, glamping, comfy ideas to make all of your glamping trips even better

A bigger tent is another one of the most comfy ideas that will make all of your glamping trips even better. However, you’ll want to be sure how much room you actually need before you get a bigger tent.

You might want a 2-4 person tent for yourself, an eight-person tent, or a simple one-man tent. This is so that you can bring everyone that you can think of! Remember, it’s your choice. 🙂


camping, glamping, comfy ideas to make all of your glamping trips even better

Treating yourself to the amenities of home when you’re camping seems to be a no-brainer. However, while many people realize this, not many actually go through with it.

No matter what you might think right now. These sorts of portable amenities can be found really cheap! Things like the portable shower as shown in the image. There are also things like a toilet, sink, washer, and dryer, etc.

There is much to treat yourself with at your campsite. Don’t let yourself suffer if you want to get these but haven’t bought any yet. They’ll make a HUGE difference in your enjoyment of your camping experience.

So grab yourself some of these cool extras for camping! You don’t have much to lose by doing so, and they are definitely worth it!


Now that we live in an age of big technology advances, a lot of companies are putting out crazy helpful stuff and inventors are blowing investors minds.

camping, glamping, comfy ideas to make all of your glamping trips even better

The human race, with all of its faults, has created some pretty amazing and life-saving technology!

Take the GPS devices in the images here for example. They seem like simple pieces of technology, but can literally guide you all around the entire mapped world!

This is possible because of the satellites in space and ground technology that have mapped out the earth from above.

GPS, camping, glamping,

It’s really cool when you think about what it took to get to this point in human history where we have shuttles that go out into space!

Technology has saved a lot of lives, so let it guide you. Whatever you do though, please don’t depend on your cell phone 100 percent of the time.

Its battery won’t last nearly as long as your trusty GPS. After all, that’s what a GPS is there for.


camp, games, glamping, camping, comfy ideas to make all of your glamping trips even better

Bringing some games along with you can seriously make the entire evening. You don’t have to bring Candyland and Monopoly unless you actually want to.

There are a TON of games out there that you can pass around the campfire. Many of which you can also play solo.

For example, the image above is an image of a game called “catchphrase.” The point of the game is to answer the questions correctly and pass it along. A little like BOP-IT, but less childish.

It’s a really fun game that we’ve been playing ever since we were kids. It still hasn’t gotten old! There are many different games like “catchphrase” and even more where that came from.

camp, games, glamping, camping, comfy ideas to make all of your glamping trips even better

So browse around and find some camp games that work for you. Such as cornhole as shown in the image. There’s a lot to choose from. You can even make up a new game if you’re a super creative person.

It’s all up to you in the end, but bringing some camp games can seriously help those rare times of absolute boredom and reinvigorate the entire day.

Better Food:

The comfortability issue within your glamping campsite might be due to the food that you bring along with you.

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Like any other outing, your taste buds want to be stimulated, and not just satisfied.

So treat yourself to some tasty food and make your glamping adventure even better!

If your planning a romantic glamping trip, bring along some steak and some fancy drinks. Or bring something you both like. Better food will always be one of the greatest comfy ideas to make all of your glamping trips even better!

Bring A Portable Fire Pit:

portable fireplace, glamping, fire pit, camping, comfy ideas to make all of your glamping trips even better
Portable Fire Pit

If your campsite is too bland or you just simply aren’t very skilled in building your own campfire. It’s nothing to worry about. Just get and use one of these portable fire pits.

Portable fire pits such as the one in the above image are the perfect solution to your fire pit issues and you’ll have an instant fire pit. Most of which fold down pretty tight so that you can bring them anywhere!

You won’t have to worry about burning embers flying around either! One of these portable fire pits will help you a LOT in preventing forest fires. So that’s another plus to these portable fire pits.

portable fireplace,glamping,  camping, comfy ideas to make all of your glamping trips even better
Portable Fireplace

More than that, these portable fire pits will make it much easier to get your fire going and keep it lit for much longer.

Since a portable fire pit has special screening and typically some protective casing on its exterior that helps protect the fire and to protect anything outside the fire as well.

In other words…if it rains, you’ll still have a fire. So if fire pits are not one of your specialties or you just want to be safe, then get yourself one of these. You won’t regret it. Oh yeah. Most of these come cheap too!

Scary Stories!

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Scary Stories

Scary stories are one of our all time campsite favorites. Especially back when the fake squishy brain toy still came with the books!

There are some really scary stories in these books though. So don’t bring them if your kids are scared easily. They could end up having nightmares for a long time.

scary stories, glamping, camping,
Scary Stories

Other than the fact that the “scary stories to tell in the dark” books are SCARY, (obviously), they are really good for what they are.

So if you’re looking for some perfect scary stories to tell in the dark at your campsite. Then grab yourself one of these books. Or the whole terrifying series if you want. You will not regret buying them if you do!

To Sum It Up:

The key to making the overall enjoyment of your campsite better when you’re glamping is to create what YOU want. It’s important to brainstorm with yourself and whoever else goes with you on your glamping adventure.

Be creative and try to come up with something truly unique to you and your campsite that will make you the envy of every tent close by.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading these comfy ideas to make all of your glamping trips even better, and have found something helpful here! Maybe even some sort of an eye-opener for you. That would be awesome! Until we meet again. We’ll see you next time. Right here at!

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