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Camping: Is It For You?

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Camping is a word that is very familiar to those who are fond of nature. The term camping specifically means spending your time overnight in a place where nature is more vivid and striking. It can be done using tents or recreational vehicles that are also known as RVs.

Unlike living indoors in common residential schemes such as hoteling. Camping is more about living outdoors away from the populated areas in the wilderness. Its history dates back to the 1800s when camping luggage used to be heavy. Compared to modern gear and was transported by transport facilities. Now, usually, a couple of backpacks would be enough to carry the camping essentials.

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A question may arise in a number of minds that why should one go camping? There can be multiple reasons for that. As discussed, camping goes hundreds of years back in history. Some of us really like indulging in historical stuff. Hence, it can be a way to follow this old tradition that may date back all the way back to your ancestors.

Another reason for you to camp can be to explore nature. Nature is fascinating with its beautiful green lands, vast grass fields, beautiful mountains, and a lot more unmentioned stuff. Some people may just like to live among wildlife. Others would find it interesting to hike on a mountain and camp there. Hence, camping can be a very valid reason to explore the captivating spectacles that are found in the wild.

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Likewise, through camping, one can also develop complementary skills necessary for survival. Skills such as fishing, hunting, usage of natural herbs found along the way for different purposes and many others. In this modern time, where technology has almost taken over the world, nature still remains a source of escape from the artificial life. Therefore, camping can be one of the ways one may want to observe and explore nature away from the chaos.

Camping as said before can be performed in tents or specially designed vehicles called RVs. Tent camping usually involves a minimal amount of gear being brought in as it is more of a survival experience. But it isn’t obligatory and can change depending upon the taste of a person. On the other hand, RVs are an all in one source of many different requirements for camping. If you choose to go in an RV, here are 11 things you should bring with you.

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There are different combinations of camping that are employed such as hiking camps, cycling camps, etc. As the name suggests, these camping styles are specifically adopted by hikers and cyclists respectively. They are equipped with their relevant mandatory gear.

The term camping can be classified into a number of types. To start, the forms that are rawer and involve very little need for luggage to be brought. This includes the ones mentioned above such as hiking camps, cycling or canoe camps, etc. For these activities to be performed without hindrance, minimal gear is taken along. You do not want to carry the extra burden on your shoulders while performing them. These camping styles are not usually for families and basic campers. This is because the supplies are usually limited and overall experience is more challenging.

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Another minimalist camping form includes survivalist camps. These camps are for recreational time such as spending weekends away from the home rather than for sports activities. Activities like hiking and cycling camps, they are also equipped with minimal supplies. The location of camping is important here as it needs to be supportive. It should have the availability of natural supplies such as a freshwater resource, etc. If you are to bring the family for such a camping experience, then safety becomes the priority above all. Hence, the choice of location becomes significant for a risk-free experience.

Let’s talk about RVs that are also used for camping purposes though they differ a great deal from tents. In recreational vehicles, one can find equipment such as a kitchen, a bathroom, and a heater. Along with a cozy little bed to spend the night as compared to the conventional way. Hence, the experience of RVs over tent camping is vastly facilitated. Here are ten things to bring with you in your RV.

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The campground is a familiar term when it comes to camping. Campgrounds are dedicated land areas specially designed for camping purposes. They can be equipped with multiple facilities such as roadways, toilets, fireplace, picnic tables, etc. There are also campgrounds with RV facilities and are known as RV parks. Campgrounds also tend to vary in location and build. For example, one campground can be paved and well facilitated. While the other one would just be a land of unpaved dirt that will still be considered as a campground.  

There are different ways in which camping can be beneficial for a person. The clean air in the natural atmosphere of your camp can help to lower your stress levels. Giving you a healthy and pleasant feeling. If you have decided to camp for hiking or cycling purposes, then these exercises will also make your health better. Moreover, leaving your laptops, smartphones, tablets behind can be a great idea. It will help you reboot your brain and eventually, a feeling of calmness and freshness will be found.

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Also, while packing your stuff for camping, make sure to take the essential items with you. Items that may come handy during your stay include but are not limited to a multipurpose knife for cutting purposes. Matches boxes to light up the fire, mosquito-net in case you are not traveling in an RV. A portable chair, rechargeable light/s, and a first aid kit just in case things go south.

In Conclusion:

Until now, we have talked of camping with different forms of details but a question may arise. Is there really a need to go camping? The answer to this question depends upon an individual’s taste. It’s a yes for someone who is really fond of nature, greenery, and fresh air. It can be NO for a person who doesn’t like to mix up with outdoors and prefers to stay inside. So, camping is not for everyone, just like anything else. However, it sure does pack a lot of fun inside for someone who is really looking to observe nature from a closer angle. If you would like to learn more about camping, feel free to check out the rest of our site! has some awesome camping tips as well.

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