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Camping And Hiking Safety

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Although camping and hiking are awesome, and very fun outdoor activities, you need to think about safety before all. We all have high hopes for the best to happen, but we also need to be prepared if the worst should happen. The only reason we say this is because many factors can ruin your outdoor adventure.

If the worst does happen, you need to be prepared to handle it! This one will be a quick read, but an important one. Remember, sometimes the smallest bit of knowledge can make the biggest difference when something bad happens. So here are some examples of what to bring for safety.

1). Sunscreen:

You want to make sure you stay comfortable in your own skin right? Bring some sunscreen with you so that you do not get burnt on those super hot days.

2.) A Knife And A Knife Sharpener:

A knife could be used for killing small animals to eat or it could be used to whittle with if you get bored after being lost for a while if you get lost sometimes! The sharpener is to keep the knife sharpened for reuse.

3.) A Safety Blanket Or Emergency Blanket:

(these usually come with first-aid-kits, but some first-aid-kits do not, so we listed it). These safety blankets or emergency blankets are for keeping you warm in a few different ways. For example, if you are injured badly, and it is warm out, an emergency blanket can continuously keep you warm by either absorbing the heat from the sunlight or reflecting your own body heat back at you.

4.) Water:

This will always be something that every living being needs on a regular and consistent basis. You will also want to bring at least a small portable water filter so that you can filter some out if you run out of water. It is always good to have a plan B.

5.) A Tent:

Bring a tent is very crucial unless you want to build your own shelter. If that is the case, we have a post on building shelters here.

6.) A Map And A Compass Or GPS:

You will need to be able to navigate your way out if you get lost! Amazon has some great GPS also know as (Global Positioning Systems) from all different categories.

7.) Cooking Equipment To Eat With Like A Mess Kit:

This is an important one if you will be camping for longer than your food will last because if it comes down to it, you will have the ability to cook whatever animal you decide to eat, instead of having to become Bear Grills!

8.) A First-Aid-Kit Or Survival Backpack:

Bringing a first aid or a survival backpack along with you is a smart idea. You never know if you might get put in a difficult spot either lost or injured. We have a review on one of the best survival backpacks right here.

camping and hiking

Imagine you are out camping or hiking with your friend, and he or she falls onto a rock and splits open their leg. What do you do? This is one of the many very possible situations you could end up in.

In Conclusion:

These are just a few tips for camping and hiking safety to help stay safe no matter what outdoor adventure you go on. Wherever you go on your adventures, make sure you bring Safety Equipment with you.

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