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Cabin Camping: 7 Reasons You Should Go

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rsz marc olivier paquin mxsekc3t z0 unsplash

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Cabin camping is always an awesome experience. Peace and quiet. Along with a whole bunch of green trees or red rocks, depending on where you go. Like the wise have always said: don’t knock it ’till you try it! Below is a list of 10 reasons why you should go cabin camping.

#2). Close To, But Not Encircled By Nature:

Cabin camping is a great way to get closer to nature without sacrificing much of your home comforts. Like a bed and a shower for instance. You will be out with nature with all of its beauty, without being encircled or enclosed by it.

#1). Camping Without Bugs!:

Cabin camping offers one awesome thing that many other ways of camping do not. There are no bugs! If you are like us, then you have had many different kinds of bugs climb into your tent without asking. We do not hate bugs, but we could definitely do without them sometimes. If you really do not like bugs, check out our post -> 6 of the best ways to keep bugs away.

#3). Cabin Camping Has All The Amenities:

Tent camping and is great, but some do not like the “to the ground” feeling all of the time. Even RV camping is not as good. When you go camping in a cabin, you will find that you actually have a real kitchen, bed, shower, toilet, coffee maker, etc. It also allows those who do not want or do not like the traditional camping experience to go camping.

#4). Less Camping Gear:

When you go cabin camping, you can find that there is much less gear to bring along with you. This is because most of what you would be packing for a camping trip is already there! No need to bring a tent, sleeping bag, mess kit, etc. All you have to worry about is the basics.

#5). Year-Round Camping

camping in a cabin is something that goes on year-round. This is because cabins, whether they be brick or wood, are still houses. They are just built differently than a traditional home in today’s world. This means that no matter what time of year it is, you can still go! This is especially awesome for those who love winter camping or want to try winter camping.

#6). Peace And Quiet:

Typically when you go cabin camping, you will find that there is a lot less noise than in and around your normal home. Sure, there are animals moving around and birds chirping, but there is very minimal noise. This is another one of the many reasons that many people go camping in a cabin. To get away from it all for a short time. However, there are those that fall so much in love with it, that they permanently moved into a cabin. How awesome is that!

#7). Electricity!

Having electricity is another reason why camping in a cabin is so great. When going camping, at least in a tent, there is no plugin electricity. You can not just plug your phone or laptop into the wall like you can in a cabin. This way, you can bring a gaming console if you wanted! Although, bringing a gaming console would sort of defeat the purpose of cabin camping, but it is possible.

In Conclusion:

Cabin camping is always a fun and exciting, yet relaxing experience. You can go alone, or with your whole family! KOA also has some great reasons as to why you should try it. You can check out their post here. If you found this helpful, why not share it!

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