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Biolight Campstove 2 Review

amazon affiliate product image 26

amazon affiliate product image 26

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Biolight Campstove 2




Ease Of Use







  • Portable Charging With Fire
  • Sturdy
  • Fair Pricing


  • Limited Color Options
  • A little Pricey, But Also Worth It

We are always on the lookout for great products that can not only help you in your adventures but ones that can change your camping life! The biolight campstove 2 is an awesome addition to any camper’s equipment!

There are a lot of different techy camping items out there, but this one blew our minds. Just as it will blow your mind once you have given it a look. With this incredible camping technology that bio light has created, your camping adventures will never be the same again!

The main thing about this piece of camping equipment that blew our minds was the seamless integration of the charger on its side. The charger turns the heat from your fire into energy that you can then use to charge any device that takes a charger.

Yes! you can charge your phone with fire! How awesome is that! The biolight campstove can be used to cook, boil, and grill with its attachments. Made from top of the line material, this campstove is all you need for creating your fires on the go.

If you are unfortunate enough to get lost and your phone dies, no worries! Simply start your fire inside of this amazing piece of technology and use the heat from the fire to automatically charge your phone so that you can dial 911 and get back to safety. Check it out and get a look at this cool and innovative camper’s eye candy!

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