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8 Surprising Camping Uses For Aluminum Foil

surprising uses for aluminum foil,

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Aluminum foil is a super useful tool. Whether it’s used for cooking at home or on the campfire. Everyone has some kind of aluminum foil. It has become a very highly abundant, yet vital commodity. There’s a vast amount of surprising uses for aluminum foil.

Everyone has a use for it, regardless of what you use it for. Some even use aluminum foil to create really cool and fascinating works of art! On a side note, if you want to see some of these crazy aluminum foil works of art, check out and for some really cool ones!

Aluminum foil is even used as a form of tape for sealing of specific things and areas. Aluminum foil is a little like cranberries mixing with other flavors. It’s in everything and it’s everywhere. Here are 8 surprising uses for aluminum foil!

1 – Kitchenware:

surprising uses for aluminum foil, camping,

Kitchenware is one of the coolest things that you can create out of aluminum foil. For instance, you can create a bowl or a plate out of it. You can even make a spoon, a fork, and a butter knife if you want. Although the butter knife won’t be a seriously sharp object, it’ll still be super useful.

2 – A Safety Blanket:

surprising uses for aluminum foil,

Did you know that safety blankets, better known as “emergency blankets” are made mostly out of aluminum foil or a material exactly like it? It’s pretty cool when you think about it. If you bring a large roll of aluminum foil on your camping trip, then if you get to any dangerous situations, you’ll have something to throw over everyone!

3 – Sharpener:

surprising uses for aluminum foil, aluminum foil, camping,

Did you know that you can use your aluminum foil as a sharpener? Yes! A sharpener! You can sharpen knifes, scissors, whatever floats your boat. It’ll take longer than a whetstone, but it will do the job just fine!

4 – Heat Reflection:

surprising uses for aluminum foil, camping, sun,

Aluminum foil is a big reflector of heat. It can reflect heat even better than it can light! You can place it on the top of your tent to reflect heat and keep your tent cooler. Doing this will instantly help your tent get and stay cooler.

5 – S.O.S Signaling:

surprising uses for aluminum foil, camping,

Since Aluminum foil is really shiny, it can be used to reflect light all the way up to the sky at whatever flies by. This is VERY useful in a survival situation to get you help as So keep a small amount of it on your person when you leave the house. Just in case. You never know if it’ll come in handy!

6 – Safety Gloves:

surprising uses for aluminum foil, camping,

Whether you want to use a couple pieces of aluminum foil or actually makeshift a pair of safety gloves with your aluminum foil, it’ll get the job done. Quite well in fact. You can use the aluminum foil to guard yourself fro a multitude of things and it does the job pretty darn good!

7 – Clothing:

surprising uses for aluminum foil, camping,

Now, you’re not going to make the most comfortable clothing, but if you’re in a weird pinch, you could totally just grab some aluminum foil and make a shirt, a pair of pants, or a hat if you needed to. Hey, maybe you forgot a change of clothes at home…we’re not here to judge, just to give you the info.

You could even make a pair of shoes out of aluminum foil! The possibilities are endless. Although, it might be hard to make undergarments out of it. On second thought, just don’t make undergarments out of aluminum foil…ever.

8 – Insulation:

surprising uses for aluminum foil, camping,

Wherever you go, aluminum foil can be there to keep you warm. It isn’t the best option, but if it is your only option. Then it’s a pretty good option. Like preventing heat fro coming into your tent. You can also keep heat in with aluminum foil! Place it all around the inside of your tent and it’ll keep a lot of the heat in.

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