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9 Healthy Camping Meals

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rsz mae mu iz0lrt1khgm unsplash

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When we’re out camping, there are so many different meals to choose from that are healthy for us. The thing is, we tend to bring food that is easy to make, but usually, they are not healthy. So here are 9 easy to make meals that are truly healthy for you to eat on your next camping trip! If you need basic utensils and something to cook with, click here for a great option for both!

1). A Veggie Tray –

veggie tray, camping meal

Although a veggie tray may seem bland or plain, it’s a healthy option for a meal when you’re camping. Believe it or not, a veggie tray can be a full meal or a side dish. We have done this personally and they’re filling and super healthy. You can add more than just ranch as well. It may seem weird but we sometimes use honey mustard. You don’t have to, this is just an example, don’t judge us! So bring a veggie tray next time you go camping.

2). Scrambled eggs – 

eggs, camping meal

Eggs are super healthy for you and contain a lot of essential vitamins and minerals, especially protein. All you need is a pot, a pan, or skillet, some people even use aluminum foil. Scrambled eggs are an excellent option for a healthy quick, and easy meal. So bring some eggs next time you go camping, just make sure and bring a cooler because spoiled eggs are not so good for you. Just a little humor for you!

3). Sandwiches –

sandwich, camping meal

Sandwiches are also easy to make and you can add whatever you want to them. we sometimes will make a ham sandwich and roast it over the fire for a little bit, then you have a crispy ham sandwich!

4). Oatmeal –

camping meal, oatmeal

Oatmeal is another great option for a healthy camping meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you’re on a budget. Cheap, easy to make and usually no cooking is even involved in making oatmeal. Just warm up some water over the fire for 5-10 minutes and boom! You’ve got a quick, easy, and healthy meal for the whole day if you’d like!

5). Bagels –

bagels, camping meal

We put bagels up here because they go with so many different meals! You can make a sandwich with them or eat them by themselves. Whatever you choose to use your bagels for, we’re positive you will be satisfied with a full belly.

6). Tuna-fish – 

Tuna is another great healthy camping meal that you can just eat right out of the can if you wanted to and you can cook it over a campfire. Cooking tuna-fish over a fire is so delicious, and you can add whatever you think goes good with it! There are so many different ideas to make tuna meals. Here are some great ideas from!

7). Peanut butter and jelly –


Now we all know about PB&J, but this one isn’t just for eating at the house. PB&J is a great camping meal for any camping trip. So don’t forget to go back to basics and bring along PB&J on your next adventure!

8). Spam –


Now we know you are immediately thinking, ugh, why spam? Well, spam is very versatile and can be healthy in small portions. It isn’t as bad as you think. Did you know that they even used to use spam for military meals before the M.R.E. came into the picture? Spam can make a lot of different meals when cooking while camping. At the very least, you can cook it over the campfire all by itself and have a crispy meal! Spam is cheap, long-lasting, and you don’t even have to refrigerate it.

9). Beans –

beans, food, meal

Beans are one of the most used foods for camping, Pork N Beans, pintos, whatever you’d like. You don’t need a refrigerator, nor do you need a cooler. Just throw some in your pack, and eat them whenever. Beans, like tuna, can last quite some time. So add this one to the list as well!


In summary, these are just a few healthy camping meals that we have personally used ourselves while camping. you can take most of these ideas and make your very own creative meal out of them. Bon Appetit! For more tips check out the rest of our site!

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