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8 Quick And Simple Grilling Tips For Beginners

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rsz james sutton jdfxbzf9gna unsplash 1

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Grilling outdoors is one of those fun outdoor activities that just about everyone enjoys doing. Whether you are grilling while you are camping or at home, these 8 grilling tips are sure to give you an edge. The smells of the food cooking on the grill always makes everyone impatient to get their food!

Sometimes, we forget important things while we are grilling. When that happens, we sometimes won’t remember we don’t have it until we absolutely need it.

Then we go scrambling looking for it while still trying not to burn the food. So here are 8 grilling tips for the newcomers and experts to keep in mind when grilling In the great outdoors.

Grilling Tip #1 – Preparation:

Preparing everything before you start grilling can make a huge difference in your enjoyment of your time grilling. You will want to keep what you need for the entirety of cooking your food.

Otherwise, you might have to keep running back and forth grabbing different things for the grill instead of just grilling.

Grilling Tip #2 – Keep Your Grill Clean:

Keeping your grill clean is vital to the health of your grille. If you don’t clean your grill, you can end up with a grease fire or something in the grill contaminating your food.

It can really hurt the flavor of your food and how long it takes to cook. So keep your grill clean, it’ll save you a lot of headaches.

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Grilling Tip #3 – Keep Your Tools Handy:

Tools like your tongs, marinade brush, and spatula. It is never fun when your at the grill, your food is all done and tray to be served. But wait, where are the tongs?

Then you go on a scavenger hunt for the tongs and by the time you find them, your food got a little overcooked. So keep your grilling tools handy while your grilling. It’ll go a long way.

Grilling Tip #4 – Use A Timer:

This tip is more for beginners, but the experts can take heed if they please. Using a timer can not only save you time but also save you money. When you use a timer, you won’t have to guess when your food is cooked.

As long as you use a timer, you can go right by the cookbook. You won’t have to worry about when to flip the burgers, or when to take the steak off the grill. Check out all of the timers Amazon has to offer!

Grilling Tip #5 – Use A Thermometer:

How do you know when your food is at that perfect temp? With a thermometer, you will know when your food is cooked. This can help a lot in avoiding giving your family or friends including yourself bad or raw food. That is not fun.

We know fro experience that serving raw food can cause more issues than you think! People can get sick and some food poisoning can be fatal.

Food poisoning is not fun, so don’t chance it and use a thermometer when you are grilling to ensure that your food is thoroughly cooked before it comes off of the grill.

Grilling Tip #6 – Use Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil:

Heavy-duty aluminum foil. Plain and simple. That is all you need for grilling. Heavy-duty aluminum foil is made perfectly for grilling. There is no need to buy the special BBQ aluminum foil.

Heavy-duty will suffice for grilling and putting your food away. If you use a thinner aluminum foil, it is more likely to break and not seal properly. There is also less room for error with heavy-duty aluminum foil.

So do yourself a favor and stick with the heavy-duty foil. Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil is a great choice!

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Grilling Tip #7- Know Your Coal:

You’re not getting your coal from Santa clause on Christmas. You’re buying it for grilling! So get the right kind of coal that suits your needs.

For example, you need to be able to easily identify, tell the difference, and choose the right type of coal.

Such as briquettes and lump coal. Because these two types of coal are the majority of what everyone uses. We have laid out the difference between the two below.


A briquette is a piece of compressed coal dust used to light grill fires. Briquettes are mainly used for slower and more concise grilling.

So if you are planning on grilling slowly or at a medium pace, then you will want to go with briquettes. You can find briquette coal here on Amazon.

Lump Coal:

Lump coal is coal made by slow-burning wood without oxygen. The wood is burned until all its natural properties like the Chemicals and water are completely gone.

This leaves an excellent charcoal. Lump coal burns hotter and faster than briquettes. So if you are planning on cooking something quickly, go with lump coal. You can find lump coal here on Amazon.

Grilling Tip #8 – Lighting Your Charcoal:

Keep these grilling tips in mind heavily while you’re grilling. You don’t always need lighter fluid to get your grill fire going.

Sometimes, lighter fluid can actually ruin the flavor of the meat. We speak from personal experience when we say that. Overuse of lighter fluid can cause all kinds of issues.

Plus, if you don’t know how to properly use lighter fluid. You might end up using way too much. Or, you might get lighter fluid in your food!

Use a little at a time. Most lighter fluids are pretty powerful on their own. It is a bottle of highly flammable fluid, so there is no need to go overboard.

In Summary:

Keep these tips in mind the next time that you are grilling. The grilling tips on this list are there to help you. We hope these grilling tips will help you the next time you throw something on the grill.

So get out there and have some fun with your grill! If you found this helpful, why not leave a like and share it! For more tips, check out the rest of our site!

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