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7 Easy Vegetables For Beginner Gardeners To Grow

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seedling 5009286 640

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Many of us want to start our own garden, and it sounds easy…at first. Then, you start looking around at all of the different foods and plants to grow and they are more difficult to grow than you originally thought. The best thing to do in this situation is to start thinking about what kinds of plants are easiest for you to grow as a beginner. That is the exact reason as to why we created this list of 7 easiest vegetables for beginner gardeners to grow!

We want to help you get to grow your garden as soon as possible. So, without further or do, let’s get into the list so that you can get started on your very own garden. Supplying yourself with food potentially for the rest of your life!

#1 – Tomatoes:

tomatoes, easiest vegetables for beginner gardeners to grow,

While it is best for planting in the spring, tomatoes are an easier type of plant for a beginner gardener to grow. Lettuce thrives in 60 to 85-degree temperatures. Although there are many ways that you can grow tomatoes, for the beginner, this plant is a sure-fire way to learn gardening and develop your gardening skills. Tomatoes can be grown in 40 to 60 days.

#2 – Lettuce:

lettuce, easiest vegetables for beginner gardeners to grow

Lettuce is another plant that is quite easy to grow. As long as you don’t grow them in the cold, you are sure to have a small harvest of lettuce, and quite quickly at that. Lettuce thrives best in 60 and 70-degree weather, so this vegetable can be grown almost any time during the year! Lettuce can be grown fully within a month’s time. That only 30 days or less!

#3 – Carrots:

carrots, easiest vegetables for beginner gardeners to grow

Much like lettuce, carrots thrive best in temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees are perfect for this plant. Carrots can thrive in cooler temperatures, and they can tolerate frost as well. So this could be your fall plant! However, prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can stunt the growth of the plant and potentially kill it. Carrots typically take between 2 and 4 months to fully grow.

#4 – Peas:

peas, easiest vegetables for beginner gardeners to grow

Peas are an excellent place to start when looking to start your garden. They can be grown in 50 to 70-degree temperatures and take between 2 and 3 months to fully mature. Peas are always a delicious addition to the dinner plate!

#5 – Beets:

beets, easiest vegetables for beginner gardeners to grow

Beets are one of those robust and easy to grow vegetables that all experienced gardeners know. Beets thrive in 55-70 degree weather, but they can handle a little cold. Just not for too long or the plant could suffer. Although not everyone likes this vegetable, it is an easy one to grow. Plus, they usually only take around 40 to 70 days to fully mature.

#6 – Green Beans:

green beans, easiest vegetables for beginner gardeners to grow

Green beans, much like peas, are typically grown in the summer. These plants can take a lot of heat and keep on giving! They thrive in temperatures between 60 to 85-degree weather and typically fully mature within a month or a month and a half. Or 45 to 75 days depending on the climate.

#7 – Onions:

onions, easiest vegetables for beginner gardeners to grow

Every gardener knows this plant because onions are easy to grow plants. Onions are useful for so many different recipes and go with so many different things! They thrive in 65 to 80-degree weather and take around a month or a month and a half to grow. Or 30 to 55 days.

In Summary:

We hope this list of 7 easiest vegetables for beginner gardeners to grow has helped you form the correct mindset for planning your first garden. Instead of just winging it, you have us to help you along the way! What did you think of this article? If you found this helpful, why not give it a like or maybe even a share. We would truly appreciate it! For more tips, check out the rest of our site! Amazon has a ton of seed options to help you start your garden. Check out their wide selection HERE.

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