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55 Great Ways To Use Gorilla Tape

great uses for gorilla tape, how to, help,

great uses for gorilla tape, how to, help,

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There are many uses for gorilla tape. It is one of the most well-known and useful D.I.Yer tools that has ever been invented! The original version, (Duct or duck tape), was originally invented for the military in the 1940s. More specifically, in 1942. In order to keep moisture out of ammo boxes. Gorilla tape is like duct tape on steroids! From D.I.Y home projects, all the way to survival uses. gorilla tape can help you stay alive in times of immediate quick-stitch or last-minute efforts. So let’s get into our list of 55 uses for gorilla tape! Click here to grab a roll of Gorilla Tape on Amazon!

#1 – A Cupholder:

Use the whole roll of tape and place your cup in it. Then pull a length of the tape from the roll and wrap it around the handle of your seat. Or, you can place it in your car by doing the same thing, but sticking the length of tape on your car dashboard.

#2 – Shoe Repair:

If your shoe has a hole in it or the soul is falling off or out. Simply apply some gorilla tape to the damaged area and your shoes are probably good for another 6 months!

#3 – A Bag Clip:

Ran out of bag clips? Roll up the opening, then grab a piece of gorilla tape and place it on the bag. Now You’ve got a bag clip.

#4 – Nut, Bolt, And Tool Retriever:

If you work on vehicles frequently like us. You’ve lost a tool, screw, bolt, nut, etc in your vehicle’s engine bay. Place a couple of pieces of gorilla tape on the end of another tool or a long stick and stick it to the tool that you lost! Easy pickup!

#5 – Emergency Bandage:

If you have cut yourself and you have nothing else, grab some gorilla tape and place it over the wound. Sometimes, gorilla tape works even better than a bandage surprisingly enough!

#6 – A Wallet:

Did you know that you can make a wallet out of gorilla tape? If you want to learn how to make it, Check out this video from The Gorilla Glue Company!

#7 – Hole Repair:

If there is a hole that needs fixing, see if your handy gorilla tape can’t get the job done!

#8 – A Clamp:

Sometimes it can be a pain when gluing items together or back together. Gorilla tape can replace your hands and hold whatever it is you are trying to glue together!

#9 – A Knife Sheath:

Grab a Paper towel roll and cut it in half. With your knife pointed away from you, place it in the cut paper towel roll. Then, start rolling gorilla tape around it and get it to the shape of your knife. Once that is done, make a loop on the part where the handle of the blade will be and loop it onto your pants!

#10 – Hide Your Valuables:

If you need to hide some valuables in a tight spot. Place the valuables onto the gorilla tape and stick them somewhere safe.

#11 – A Splint:

If you need a splint quickly. Grab two straight and thick sticks or pieces of wood. Then, place one piece of wood on either side of your leg and start wrapping gorilla tape around the wood around your leg. You will then have a temporary splint.

#12 – An Improvised Sling:

Did you know that you can make a sling out of gorilla tape? It won’t be pretty, but it will work for what it is made for.

How To Make An Improvised Sling With Gorilla Tape:

Step #1: Place some gauze over the affected arm. (wrap it around a few times).

Step #2: Then wrap your gorilla tape around the cotton.

Step #3: After you’ve wrapped your gorilla tape around the cotton. Leave a length of what you need to wrap it around your neck and twist the tape until it becomes somewhat of a rope.

Step #4: Then wrap the tape around your neck and tape it back onto itself where you wrapped the gorilla tape over the cotton. You now have an improvised sling!

#13 – Glasses Repair:

If you break your glasses, you can use a piece of gorilla tape on your glasses and put them back together! Gorilla tape will also have a better aesthetic look than traditional duck tape.

#14 – Rain Gear Leak:

If you accidentally puncture your raincoat or rain hat and you need a quick fix, why not use gorilla tape? It’ll do the job just fine.

#15 – Tent Repair:

Another one of the many uses for gorilla tape is if your tent springs a leak. Try using gorilla tape to repair it. Gorilla tape is not fully water-proof, but it does the job well for a little while.

#16 – Marking Tape:

You can use gorilla tape to mark a spot that you want to trace, color, or cut. You can also use it to leave marks behind and make a trail that others can follow. Or you can make a trail for you to follow back!

#17 – A Clothesline:

Much like making rope out of gorilla tape, you can make a clothesline with it! Simply grab the length of gorilla tape that you need and twist it until it becomes a rope of sorts. Then tape or nail it to a couple of trees and hang your clothes out to dry.

#18 – Seal up Food:

If you don’t have anything to seal your food with. Try using some gorilla tape to close it up. Grab a few strips of it and

#19 – Small Leak Repair:

When a small leak rears its nasty head, throw some gorilla tape in its face! Problem solved. At least temporarily.

#20 – Water Bottle Repair:

If your water bottle gets a crack in it, place some gorilla tape over the crack(s) and your water bottle will be all good.

#21 – Vehicle Body Quick Fix:

We have used gorilla tape for a lot of different quick fixes in our vehicles. Pretty much everything is a potential gorilla tape fix in your vehicle other than the engine and other moving parts obviously!

#22 – Glove Repair:

If you are working and either your rubber gloves or work gloves rip. Just throw some gorilla tape on it and you are all set!

#23 – Seal Ammo Boxes:

Did you know that duct tape was originally created to seal ammo boxes in the military? Well, gorilla tape can do the job even better!

#24 – A Firestarter:

Gorilla tape can be lit on fire just like tinder wither with a little bit of help from your input.

#25 – Create A Survival Spear:

If you have a knife, a stick, and gorilla tape. Place the knife at the tip of the stick and place the gorilla tape as tightly as you can around the knife handle. Once you have gorilla taped the two items together you will have a makeshift spear! This is yet another one of the great uses for gorilla tape.

#26 – Prevent Glass From Shattering:

If you need to shatter glass for some reason. Try placing some gorilla tape over the glass first and then shatter it. This way, the glass won’t shatter all over the place and that can potentially save your life!

#27 – Repair A Trash Bag Or Can:

When your trash bag breaks a hole or your garbage can gets a crack in it. You can use gorilla tape to put them back together.

#28 – Hold Your Hood Shut:

As we mentioned before. We have used gorilla tape to stick our car parts together. It can be used to hold parts together all over your vehicle temporarily!

#29 – Make A Belt:

Did you know you could make a belt with gorilla tape? Simply get the length of tape that you need and twist it until it becomes somewhat of a rope. Then loop it through your pants loops and tie or tape the ends together.

#30 – Bind A Book Or Similar:

If your book snaps in half or the bind breaks. No problem! Place a piece of gorilla tape or two onto where the books’ hinges are and it will be good as new. Or at least as close to new that it can get at that point.

#31 – Temporarily Fix Vehicle Hoses:

Did you know that you can temporarily plug your radiator hose or air hoses in your vehicle’s engine bay if the need arises? Well, you can. We have done it ourselves and it works for a long time on the air hoses. But, it only works for a short amount of time with a radiator hose.

#32 – Removing Thorns:

If you happen to walk through some thorns. Place a piece of gorilla tape over the affected spots and the thorns will come right out!

#33 – Weather Seal:

Are you having seal issues? Maybe your window seal is broken or faded. Maybe your door doesn’t seal all the way. Gorilla tape can be used as a great sealant. We use it on our windows all the time. Especially for preventing bugs from getting in. It doesn’t work completely, but it definitely one of the easier uses for gorilla tape.

#34 – Mend Your Clothing:

Did you rip your clothing? Well, simply stick some gorilla tape where the rip is, and your all set for a few washes!

#35 – Make A Hat:

If you have nothing else and you really want a hat. You can use gorilla tape to make your very own hat! Although it won’t look very pretty, it will work.

#36 – Wall Or Ceiling Lights:

If the power goes out or you are out camping. Gorilla Tape a flashlight to the wall or ceiling and now you have something of a lantern!

#37 – Open A Jar:

If you have a jar that you just can’t open. Grab a piece of gorilla tap about 5 inches or longer. Place a small section of the piece of tape onto the edge of the top of the jar and pull on the other end sideways. Boom, open!

#38 – Bug Killer:

Are you tired of those flies? Grab a piece of gorilla tape and use it as a sticky fly trap!

#39 – Repair Ducts:

While neither Gorilla Tape nor Duct Tape was invented to repair ducts. (Duct tape was originally invented for the military in the 1940s. More specifically, in 1942. In order to keep moisture out of ammo boxes.

#40 – Hose Repair:

If your hose has a puncture, make sure you grab some gorilla tape and place it over the hole. This won’t work as a permanent solution, but it will work temporarily.

#41 – Create Rope:

If you need some last-minute rope of sorts. Take a large length of gorilla tape and twist it until it becomes rope! Continue placing more tape over in layers to strengthen it. This won’t be the best rope, but its something when you have no options!

#42 – Heel Protection:

When you are hiking, camping, or simply enjoying the great outdoors. Placing a piece or two of gorilla tape on the heel of your foot can help in preventing blisters and help prevent you from rubbing your feet against your shoes.

#43 – D.I.Y Shoes Or Boots:

If you can’t repair your shoes with your gorilla tape. Make a new pair of shoes or boots with gorilla tape!

#44 – A Hammock:

Gorilla tape can become an awesome hammock! It won’t last forever, but it can be done and it will last for a little while.

#45 – D.I.Y Arrow Fletching:

If you break an arrow’s fletching, use some gorilla tape to make a new one!

#46 – A Cup:

If you need a cup and just do not have one. You can make your own with some gorilla tape!

#47 – A Cast:

If you need a cast for your hand and you have nothing else. Why not use some gorilla tape? It can actually be very useful for this application.

#48 – Hand Restraints:

If you need to restrain an attacker. Tie up their hands with some gorilla tape. They might be able to get out of duct tape, but not so much with the strength of your handy gorilla tape! You can even tie them up completely with gorilla tape if it is a dangerous situation.

#49 – Pull out Ticks And Kill Chiggers:

If you get a tick on you and do not want to pull it out with your hands. You can throw some gorilla tape over it and it’ll pop out with the tape. For chigger, simply place some tape over the affected area, and it will suffocate the chigger and either kill it or force it out.

#50 – Bike Repair:

If you happen to, unfortunately, break a spoke in your bike wheel. You can put it back together temporarily with some gorilla tape.

#51 – Emergency Shoe Laces:

When your shoelaces get torn up or simply go missing for some odd reason. You can take a length of gorilla tape and twist it until it becomes a small rope. Then, thread it throughout your shoes and you’ll have shoelaces!

#52 – Make Animal Snares:

Gorilla tape can be incorporated in making animal traps or snares. Whether it holding up a rock or keeping a stick in place. It can definitely help get the job done.

#53 – Waterproof Your Shoes:

If you are walking in the rain and you don’t want to get your feet wet. Try wrapping your shoes up with gorilla tape. It may not be completely waterproof, but it will help a lot!

#54 – Quarantine Setup:

If you’re worried about sickness getting in your home. You can set up plastic sheets on all of your windows and use gorilla tape to seal it.

#55 – Soften Shap Edges:

If you are moving or have to touch something sharp. Place some gorilla tape over the edges of the material or item and it will help smooth the surface.

Bonus! Flashlight hack:

Next time you have a flashlight and a roll of gorilla tape, combine them! Wrap some gorilla tape around the handle of the flashlight until you are satisfied with the amount on the flashlight. Now you have a flash-tape roll! (A roll of tape on your flashlight).

In Conclusion:

This list of 55 uses for gorilla tape is only a small portion of the many uses for gorilla tape can conquer!

Check out the rest of our site for more tips and make sure you keep some around wherever you go, you never know when gorilla tape will have a use. Click here to grab a roll of Gorilla Tape on Amazon!

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