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5 Tips For Making Your Batteries Last Longer

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rsz 1claudio schwarz purzlbaum zzmqzml7s a unsplash

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It is always stressful when you go to use the batteries that you just charged or bought and lo and behold, they’re dead! Why does this happen? How did this happen? Well, here is some info about the why and some tips to avoid this one ridiculous stress-inducing thing.

1). Keep Your Batteries In The Proper Temperatures –

Keep your batteries stored in the proper environment(s), usually indicated on the box. (Usually between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit). In warmer temperatures, they can swell and potentially explode. In colder temperatures, they can drain quickly but usually hold their charge better than they would in warmer temperatures.

2). Buy Higher Quality Batteries –

Battery quality is one of the most important factors for making them last longer. Have you ever noticed that when you buy the cheaper pack of batteries, you end up having to buy more sooner? Low-quality batteries may seem like a great option but are not the smart choice when you are trying to make them last longer.

It all comes down to quality, for example, the manufacturer or brand. So be sure the next time you buy batteries, do your research on that specific brand or manufacturer, then make your choice. If you don’t know what’s in your batteries, then you can’t accurately tell how long they’ll last.

3). Do Your Research –

Doing proper research on what you are buying should be involved in every purchase. In this case, however, we are just talking about batteries. Reading reviews, for example, Reviews are easily accessible and easily understandable.

We are not saying you have to buy them online, but make sure you check places like amazon reviews on the specific batteries you’re buying. Almost every time we do proper research on a product, we find the answer to our questions very quickly. So this part is crucial in knowing what you’re buying.

4). Take Them Out When they Are Not In Use –

Batteries only use their charge when the positive and negative connections are linked. When you put them in your TV remote, for example, they will be activated by the positive and negative receptors in the remote. This then forces the connections to pull the charge from the battery.

Taking your batteries out when they are not in use can save their lifespan and save you money. We all know that unplugging things from the wall can save you on your electric bill. Well, the same rule applies to all your batteries. Make sure you take them out whenever they’re not in use.

5). plug your device in before it dies/ Optimize –

This one mainly applies to rechargeable batteries, for example, your laptop or mobile phone. Stay on top of charging your device whenever you can, but be aware that leaving your device plugged in all the time can hurt it. There are positives and negatives on both sides of the equation (pun intended). Optimizing your device means turning down the brightness, freeing up space, and turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth whenever you can, etc.

In Conclusion –

Make sure you are always informed about what you’re buying, quality can make a world of difference. Google has some great tips on saving your batteries. Some low-quality batteries are surprisingly good, but that’s a rarity. Remember, you want to get the highest quality possible and most bang for your buck! Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope to be able to help you even more in the future with more tips and tricks!

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