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5 Easy DIY Extra Backpack Storage Hacks

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trekking 245311 640

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These 5 easy DIY extra backpack storage hacks are pretty fun to do. As well as being very reliable, and reliability is a crucial thing. Sure, these hacks are cool and all, but if they don’t hold up, then it’s really just a waste of time. And you know as well as us that time is a very precious thing. So let’s get this train moving, shall we?

Whether you’re going camping, hiking, fishing, or simply going to school. Extra backpack storage is always a big help. The tricky part about it is getting the backpack to offer the extra storage while not destroying the backpack itself in the process.

Pack Strategically:

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Packing your backpack strategically is very important. This is so that you don’t have to go digging around to find something small. Or to help your backpack provide that extra space and organization that they’re meant to offer.


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When packing your backpack, think about what you will need the most and the least. Then pack according to how useful each item is and how often they will be used and you’ll be not only saving yourself room but time as well because you won’t have to go digging around in your backpack looking for things that could be easily accessible with the right organization.

#1 – Plain Rope Or Clips:

Plain rope or clips just might be all that you need to add some extra storage to your backpack.

Using plain rope or clips can add a whole slew of different storage options to your backpack. As you might already know, most backpacks come standard with areas for extra attachments.

Whatever the initial or original intentions for the extra attachment areas, they can definitely be used for whatever you want. It’s your backpack after all. Use it to it’s fullest capacity!


Rope integrates very well with any backpack, and you can attach anything that you can’t tie the rope around. With rope, you can add a multitude of attachments to your backpack.


Clips are similar to rope, but with a smaller range of uses. It isn’t a big difference, but in order to use clips, you have to…clip them on to something. Aside From not being able to use them exactly like rope, clips are still a great asset while on your outing.

Plus, clips are useful in a lot of survival situations as well. Like having to climb down somewhere, or if you need to connect something, etc.

#2 – Weatherproof storage Add-on:

Diy extra backpack storage,

Weatherproof storage add-ons are great companions to any outdoorsy person. Both beginner and expert. With the amount of options that come with these cool and useful accessories, they are a go-to for many. They’re cheap too!

Little extra storage bags like these might seem small now, but they are a BIG help in the long run. Especially when you only need to pack smaller items such as a pocket knife, multi-tool, or a fire starter, etc.

A Waist Bag:

Diy extra backpack storage,

Carrying an extra bag on your waist for smaller items will be another BIG help for any outdoorsy person. Whether you’re going camping, hiking, or simply going to school. You can store your phone in one of these your tissues, glasses/sunglasses, and many smaller items that need to be easily reached at a moment’s notice.

#3 – A Drawstring Bag:

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something as simple as a gym bag could be your way to go for your extra storage for your backpack. You can either place it on the outside of the backpack, or you can place to against your back.

when it comes to your overall gear and you seriously cannot find any way to make any extra space in your backpack, then you should try bringing An extra bag. This doesn’t mean that you need to bring alongside a whole other backpack. No. What we mean by this is bring alongside something like a gym bag, or a small storage space saver bag like in the above picture.

#4 – compact containers:

Diy extra backpack storage,
Compact storage Containers

When it comes to bringing supplies for cooking in your backpack. Compact storage containers are seriously useful space-savers. This works for camping, hiking, fishing, you name it! Each activity has a wide variety of uses for these awesome space-savers to add some DIY extra backpack storage.

#5 – Vaccum seal everything!

Diy extra backpack storage, vacuum sealer,
Vacuum sealer

By vacuum sealing as much as you can, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of space! This is one of the best things that you can do for your smaller items that won’t be needed immediately. When you’re finished sealing everything, you will likely have considerably more room than what you began with.

Don’t Forget About Weight!

Diy extra backpack storage,

Remember to keep the weight of your backpack within proper capacity specifications. If you overload your backpack, then you might rip or tear your backpack and render it useless. The information on your backpacks’ capacity and how much weight the backpack can handle can be found either online or in its manual. Follow the specifications, but you can add a little extra weight.

Packing Your Backpack Correctly:

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Keep in mind that one of the easiest ways to create extra storage inside of your backpack is to pack properly. Learning to correctly pack your backpack could be exactly what you need to pack those extra few things that you seem to have no room for.

For example, you could tighten down your sleeping bag or something similar that takes up more space than it needs. The key is to pack everything down as small as possible so that you can pack as much as your backpack can actually hold.

For some awesome tips for how to pack your backpack properly, check out, they have an awesome way of explaining exactly what you need to do. In a way that is easily understandable for beginners and experts!

Whether it be a school bag or an all-out survival bag. There is usually more room to still be used. If you’ve pack properly, then one of the above tips are sure to give you that perfect amount of extra space that you need!

Good To Go!

We hope that this has given you a new understanding of DIY extra backpack storage. Get creative and have fun with it too. Don’t make the organization a task, because it certainly doesn’t have to be!

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