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4 Solid Survival Tips That Will Keep You Alive

lost, solid survival tips that will keep you alive,

lost, solid survival tips that will keep you alive,

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When you’re out on the trail hiking, camping, what have you. Things can go wrong at any point. While this is a small possibility, something like less than 1 percent. Bad things can happen, so it’s best to prepare yourself for the worst while still assuming the best situation will happen. So on the off chance that something does go wrong, here are three solid survival tips that will keep you alive in the worst scenario.

1 – Making Fire

Always bring an extra lighter, a magnesium ferro rod, or something similar. They are really cheap and could literally save your life! On the flip side, you might not always remember to bring your fire-starter, so it’ll be good for you to figure out and practice some different ways of starting a fire without one of these fire-starters.

fire, solid survival tips that will keep you alive, outdoor camping advice, O.C.A, outdoorcampingadvice,

The ability to create a fire without much help will give you an enormous advantage out there if the worst should happen. It can get quite cold at night, and you’ll need a source of warmth. Your regular clothing won’t always give you the correct warmth that you need.

There is a plethora of information out there on starting your very own fire with very little help. No, you won’t have to rub two sticks together. Although that does work, it takes some serious expertise and time to get that job done.

You could quite possibly freeze to death before you even get a spark with that method. Do some reading up on it and try some different methods out for yourself. See what works for you and move forward from there.

2 – Bring Some Extra Thermals

Thermals, also known as cold gear is just as important as being able to stat a fire if you’re out there all alone and stuck. Cold gear will go a long way in keeping your body temperature regulated.

In large part, it’s a safe bet to bring some thermal underwear. Something warm that you can throw on underneath your clothing if it gets too cold. These thermal underwear tend to easily pack as well as they don’t take up much space in your bag.

3 – Always Bring An Emergency Satellite communicator

Emergency satellite communicators are extremely useful in the case that you get stranded, lost, or just can’t get back because it has gotten too dark for you to see correctly.

Sos, S.O.S, Emergency signal, satellite communicator, solid survival tips that will keep you alive,

When you use one of these communicators, also know as P.L.B’s or Personal Locator Beacons, they will continuously notify authorities and recuse agencies via satellites of your location and tell them that you need help until you are found.

Even if you decide not to use one of these for a while. When all else fails, you can rest easier knowing that you can count on one of these to help you get to safety.

4 – Always Bring Extra Food And Water

Remember to bring some extra food and water to keep your body sustained until you get to safety. Providing your body with sustenance is crucial in keeping you alive and well.

There are a lot of options when it comes to these to important things. For water, you can bring some extra store bought water bottles or bring along an extra refillable water bottle.

For food, you can bring items such as spam, M.R.E packets, or something similar, which packed full of calories will keep you on your feet. The army even used to use and probably still uses spam for large amounts of calories when trekking through the hills during times of war. While you aren’t going to war, the same still applies if you get stuck out there.

Stay Safe Out There!

While you don’t need to worry yourself to death about preparation for the worst, you still need to prepare nonetheless. Follow these tips, and you’ll be in good shape if the worst should happen.

We hope that you’ve learned something new while reading this article about these solid survival tips that will keep you alive. and we hope to see you back here again. So until next time, from all of us here at O.C.A, take care and stay safe out there!

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