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4 Silly But Incredibly Useful Ways To Use Your Multi-Tool

tools, multi-tool, multitool,ways to use your multi-tool

tools, multi-tool, multitool, ways to use your multi-tool

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Incredibly useful and versatile, these magnificent yet mystifying inventions can cover a vast amount of odd jobs. There’s a very long list of ways to use your trusty multi-tool.

The list could quite literally go on and on and on. Even though multi-tool owners use them darn near every day. We’re all still discovering more and more ridiculous, clever, and even sometimes really silly ways of using them!

1: Hammering

With all the different uses for your trusty multi-tool, you probably won’t stop finding new ways to use it either! That’s what’s so amazing about them.

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Whether you believe it or not. Your multi-tool can be used just like a hammer.

Many multi-tools actually come standard with a hammer extension.

They aren’t weak either. For instance, we use our multi-tools for hammering tasks all of the time. Anywhere from small nails to large objects that need a hammering.

It’s about thinking outside of the box when using your multi-tool. This is so that you can get maximum use out of it. It’s a tool, so use it like one.

2: Hang Your Stuff!

clothes hanger, ways to use your multi-tool,
Clothes Hanger

Your trusty multi-tool can become a pretty slick hanger. You’ll be able to hang a variety of different things.

As long as it doesn’t force or make the multi-tool fall from where you have placed it for hanging.

You’ll be surprised just how much your multi-tool can hold. After all. They are made to be really tough… At least the good ones that are worth your time and money.

3: Use Its Ruler

measurement 1476913 640

Did you know that many multi-tools come standard with a ruler? It’s actually an intriguing tool to place on a multi-tool or any tool for that matter.

All it takes for the company that manufactures the tool is to cut extra indents of measurement directly onto the side of the tool. It’s somewhat surprising that it wasn’t always on multi-tools.

However, they’re here now and they are always of tremendous use. It makes it to where you no longer have to carry around a tape measure or a ruler!

4: Trimming And Cutting

ways to use your multi-tool, scissors, multitool,

Have you ever noticed that your multi-tool has a pair of scissors? Well, they aren’t there for no reason.

As long as your multi-tool is of good quality, then its scissors should be able to cut through a multitude of different things within a moment’s notice!

You Multi-Tool Is Much More Useful Than You Might Think

Multi-tools haven’t always been around. But as soon as they were invented, they became something so much more useful than anyone could’ve imagined! It’s a smart way to go about many smaller and larger tasks.

While they can’t do quite everything, they are still valuable tools to keep around. The uses for them go far beyond this article. We’ve only listed a few, but there’s really no telling just how useful one can become to you over time!

Try It Out For Yourself!

Try using your multi-tool in ways that push its boundaries and you’re certain to find a whole plethora of uses.

Experiment with different things. Whether it be for your vehicle or simply the clothing on your back.

There are TONS of different uses waiting to be found by you within your everyday life!

Thanks for joining us! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this. Hopefully, you found some value in this article. And as always, we’ll see you next time. Right here at!

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