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3 Winter Hiking Tips That Will Keep You Safe

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Hiking during the winter-time is a blast and sometimes you need some winter hiking tips. When you’re out hiking, there’s so much beauty to behold out on the trail during the winter. It’s like it’s a whole new place! Do you know what we mean? Sure, everything is typically covered by snow. (Unless you live in a desert area of course). For example, most areas of Arizona and California). But that’s the beauty of it.

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View of earth from a satellite

Entire landscapes covered in white glistening snow and ice. Icicles hanging beautifully all around.

To think that something like that just happens absolutely blows our minds! What do you think? Hopefully, you think the same way as us!

Yes, it’s nature and we all already know about it. But think about it on a larger scale. Here, let’s try something ok?

Think about the universe. How big everything is. How much deafness and lifeless space that there is out there in this vast universe of ours. Yet, we are somehow here on earth. Smack dab in the middle of a solar system that has no or little life… except earth.

Now, think about that, and think about everything on earth. Everything that happens naturally. How everything just happens without any input from us.

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The Sun

Here’s another example… how about the sun? The very thing that brings life to the entire earth. Can do the exact opposite at any moment. It’s just barely far away enough to provide the perfect amount of light and heat without destroying the entire planet one way or another.

No other planet anywhere, (as far as we know), has such a perfect setup. In the entire visible universe! Crazy right? We sure think so!

That’s why when the hiking trail becomes engulfed in snow, we don’t complain. We just think about just how lucky we are to have just the right amount of heat throughout the winter-time so that we don’t immediately freeze to death when we walk outside. It’s truly amazing how everything works and has worked for a LONG time!

If the sun was just a little bit further away, we wouldn’t be here. The earth would be a frozen and desolate wasteland. And if it was to move just a bit closer, it would burn us up so fast that we wouldn.’t even notice. If that doesn’t blow your mind and pique your interest, then we don’t know what will. 🤣… just kidding.

Ok, the rambling has started… Let’s move on to the winter hiking tips.

Winter Hiking Tip #1 – Bring An Emergency Kit:

Winter emergency kits are something crucial that will be a tremendous asset on your winter hiking adventure.

The kit itself will give you an extra edge on your trip and it’ll give you a certain measure of safety that is necessary out there.

Now, this isn’t the only thing that you should bring, but it’s one of the main essentials that you need to bring.

Most winter emergency kits come with things that are extremely useful in many different situations. Hence why it’s #1 on our list of winter hiking tips.

#2 – Bring A Buddy:

The buddy system is always and will always one of the very best winter hiking tips. Especially if you’re going winter hiking somewhere more dangerous such as places and/or areas that are up high, down real low, or sketchy in general.

This two or more person system will be a huge factor in your entire hiking trip. Not only can you keep each other safe, but you will each be there to experience the moments together.

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Hiking/Trekking/Buddy System

There are endless things that you can do with your buddy while on the trail. You can even play sightseeing games together such as “I-SPY” to keeps things interesting!

It’s always good to have an extra hand as well when you’re out there, and your buddy will be there to give it. In essence, it’s a really good idea to bring a buddy. You don’t always have to bring a buddy, and no, it’s not mandatory.

However, we urge you to bring an extra person with you. Even if it isn’t your friend. Especially if you’re going out hiking during the winter. Plus, it won’t hurt the experience to have an extra with you. All it’s there for is to give you an extra measure of security.

{Please keep in mind that while the buddy system is safe, you still need to be prepared for anything. This is because although you have a buddy, (someone that has your back), you are still very much susceptible to all of the dangers that come along with your hike during the wintertime.} See for more details on the buddy system and how both of you can go about it properly.

#3 – Be Prepared:

Packing your hiking essentials for the winter is not the same for every occasion. There are a lot of different variables that come with going hiking in the winter.

From the smallest things, all the way up to the absolutely crucial items and/or gear. If you don’t pack correctly for your winter hiking trip, you could very well suffer some serious consequences. Remember what we always say here so much at O.C.A.? BE PREPARED!

We keep saying this because we see so many things that have gone wrong during MANY kinds of outdoor adventures that if it had been prepared for ahead of time, meaning before the accident or unfortunate circumstance, it might have been possible to avoid it altogether.

Before you might have through things like that, you need to be able to think critically about what you could be facing.

For example, if you’re going winter hiking in an area that you’re familiar with. Make sure that you prepare according to how you would normally prepare, as well as the addition of some winter hiking tools and accessories.

Think Critically Ahead Of Time

Critical thinking WILL seriously help you when on your winter hike. Like we mentioned before in this article. It’s all about being prepared.

No matter who you are, who you know, or what you know. The ability to think critically is vital for every part of your life and is always useful. Critical thinking applies to everything. Hiking included.

Proper preparation is a vital winter hiking tip. From what you pack, to the places that you decide to go. All the way down to your thermals. (If you use them).

Try Not To Depend Solely On Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is an amazing piece of technology and innovation. It basically places the whole world at your fingertips!

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A smartphone puts the whole world In Your Hands

However, it still has a “basic battery” that will most likely die on your winter hiking trip. That is unless you don’t have a smartphone or it’s on the charge 24/7. But more than likely, that isn’t the issue for you.

{Also, please keep in mind that your smartphone’s battery isn’t meant for extreme cold or heat}.

Although there are some pretty smart tools that allow you to constantly and consistently charge your devices. Such as “solar-powered backpacks” and such. But in most cases, it’s a much better idea to bring something more along the lines of a GPS or personal navigation device.

Rugged and long-lasting are the main two specifications for what you need to look for in one of these navigational devices.

The Garmin Montana 610 Camo is a great option. It features all of what you need at an affordable price from a well-known and highly trusted brand.

So that you can better understand what sort of capabilities we’re talking about that will be perfect for the job, we’ve listed some of the crucial details to look for below.

Navigational Device Or GPS Specs To Look For:

  • Temperature Temperance – (The ability to handle excessive cold and heat well)
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Full GPS Position
  • Emergency Beacon Capabilities – (If you get lost, you can set the device up as a rescue beacon).
  • On-Screen Mapping
  • Large And/Or Expandable Memory Drive

Have Fun!

As long as you stick with your gut and listen to the pros. You’ll have very little to worry about. Of course, there are rules to follow, but they are only there for your safety.

No matter what happens during your winter hiking trip, you still need to be able to have a good time whilst still keeping yourself safe and sound. We realize that these winter hiking tips seem like a list of things NOT to do. But, trust us. We could ramble on forever on safety while enjoying the outdoors. All in all, watch yourself, be prepared, and have fun!

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