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3 Quick Tips For Cleaning Your RV

RV, motorhome, cleaning your RV

RV, motorhome, cleaning your RV

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The vast majority of RVs in existence today can make cleaning them a huge task. From wide openings to all the nooks and small spaces all around your RV. It can make your life difficult, and it forces you to try and find different ways or alternatives. Which led you here looking for quick tips for cleaning your RV.

vacuum cleaner, RV, cleaning your RV,
Vacuum Cleaner

There are many… many different ways to make cleaning your RV a little easier to handle. So we decided to show you 3 quick and solid tips that will give you an extra edge while you’re cleaning!

#1 – Wash it Yourself

Whenever you’re washing your RV, it’s always smart to wash the exterior yourself. Doing this can give you a better idea of the exact shape that your RV is currently in.

By this, we mean the entire overall shape of your RV. Washing it yourself will give you a much better and closer look at your recreational vehicle.

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You’ll be able to see all or most of the defects in your vehicle’s exterior. This can give you vital information about your RV.

For example, there are many different “tells” that will be clearly visible on your RV before something goes wrong. We’ve listed a few examples of these visible “tells” below.

F.Y.I, these visible “tells” are very similar to your car or truck and some symptoms can be diagnosed just like a car.

  • Discolored or darkened areas of paint Most commonly caused by excessive exhaust fumes. It’s typically because of the engine being unable to run at it’s best and is using too much gasoline. Hence the excess of the after-product. I.E. (carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water vapor, and oxygen). Excessive exhaust fumes can also be easily smelled. It’ll smell very strong).
  • Oil puddles and stains – Puddles of oil under your RV can be a warning sign of engine trouble. If there is an oil leak in your RV’s engine bay, then there can be smudges and marks visibly seen of oil on the sides of the vehicle and around the engine.

There are also a number of other “tells” that are not visible. In other words, you’ll either be able to smell or hear these “tells”. Below are some examples.

6 Signs Of RV Engine Trouble

  • Knocking near or in the engine bay – hear
  • excessive exhaust fumes smell, hear
  • Check Engine Light
  • Rough running/ Heavy vibrating
  • Foul odors inside the RV
  • Loss of power

For more info, check out They go into much greater detail on engine trouble and trouble signs.

#2 – Make Repairs Along The Way

Making small needed repairs along the way while you’re cleaning your RV will be a HUGE help. Even more so down the road when your RV begins to wear down over time.

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In essence, there are plenty of things all around your RV that you can fix or repair along the way… unless you literally just bought your RV. Then you might not have so much to repair because your vehicle is brand spanking new.

Otherwise, there are sure to be things you can fix up so that you won’t have to worry about them later. In other words, you’re preventing headaches and that’s always smart!

7 examples Of Small RV Repairs:

  • Cracked leather / torn cloth
  • Loose wires
  • Dented and/or broken pipes
  • Cracked or broken plastics – I.E. Dashboard, doors, exterior plastics, etc.
  • Check modules and fuses
  • Clean Plumbing
  • Replace filters all throughout the RV

As you can see, there are quite a bit of things that you can repair along your way. Make sure you get creative though, because there might be a lot more that you can repair in your own RV.

#3 – Keep It Simple

It’s important to keep things as simple as you can while you’re cleaning your RV. This is one of the best things that you can do to make things the easiest on yourself.

Give yourself time. Don’t make it something that is rushed. Going slow or at least slower than you typically would can seriously open your eyes when it comes to spotting areas in need of repair inside and outside of your RV.

Create yourself a Checklist

Creating a checklist for yourself can and will simplify the entire process for you. This way, you can follow a list instead of getting frustrated because you can’t remember that one thing that you wanted to do. We get it. We’ve been there more than once. 😉

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Start with the easy stuff and work your way into the difficult. This will give your brain some space or room to breathe. Making the process so much more simple and easier on your brain and body.

So, by creating a checklist for yourself, you’ll not only be saving yourself from serious headaches and frustration. But you’ll be saving your body as well by not having to go nuts trying to figure out what to do. Seriously, it WILL help.

If you want somewhere to start, we have created an entire post all about creating a checklist for your RV maintenance here. And if you would like some help getting started RVing on your own and you’re a beginner. Have no fear. Outdoor Camping Advice is here!

Using Organic Cleaners

Although there is a vast selection of cleaner out there that you can use to clean your RV. Organic cleaners are a smart way to go.

Keep in mind that when you are cleaning your RV, you’ll be breathing in the chemicals, and the chemicals will set in your RV.

Using Organic RV Cleaners can not only help you by saving your body from harmful chemicals, but they will help your RV as well in the process by harming it as little as possible.

Think about the long-term. All those chemicals building up over the years can play a part in the eventual deterioration of your vehicle’s plastics, leathers, cloth, and sometimes even the metal all around your RV.

Follow Your RV Manual

Remember to use your RV manual. It’s there as an asset for your RV. Your RV manual contains everything that you need to know about your RV.

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You can find directions for maintanance, cleaning, saftey, and much more.

Reading through the ENTIRE manual isn’t necessary if you’re not up for it.

Simply just read the sections that you need and then put the manual back.

Either way, you need it. So keep your RV manual close because there’s no telling when you’ll need it.

Thanks for joining us again! We’ll see you next time. Right here, at!

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