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20 Fun Activities For Your Next Trip To A Lake /Ocean

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Sometimes, coming up with fun lake activities for your next trip to the lake or the ocean can be difficult, and we all overthink it sometimes. So here are 20 different ideas to get your mind going!

1). Go Swimming

This one may be obvious, but it is always fun to swim at the lake or the ocean. Cooling off if the clear water will always be relaxing, and will always be a go-to activity if you can’t quite figure out what to do for fun.

2). Go Fishing

Fishing is a great way to spend your time, and you can even catch your next meal as long as you like fish. Watch out for sun-fish though and always remember to slick you hand down their spines according to the way they are pointing. Unfortunately, we ended up having to learn the hard way. So try to learn from our mistakes so that you can go further, and do better! That’s why OutdoorCampingAdvice exists, we’re here to help you to make your experiences better, and we hope to help you better yourself in the process!

3). Water-ski

Water-skiing is very fun, but be careful, this one can end badly fast. We are not implying that water-skiing isn’t safe, but if you don’t prepare yourself properly, you might not have any fun with this one.

4). Camp Out At The Lake/Ocean

Camping out at the lake is a great way to spend your time at the lake. You can also add fishing and swimming to this one! You will gain the ability to catch the sunrise easily!

5). Boating

Taking a boat out on the lake is always fun unless you have a hole in the boat! You can add fishing and swimming to this one as well if you’d like, or you can just speed along in your boat on the lake! That sounds like a lot of fun!

6). Tubing

Tubing is also always something fun to do at the lake or ocean, and yes, you will get wet! Don’t let anyone fool you, tubing can get you thrown right in the water if you aren’t careful. At that point, you won’t even be going tubing anymore, you will be swimming!

7). Play Card Games

Set up a table right on the sand and play a game of cards. Some people like to play poker this way on the beach (as long as it is not too windy!) but play any card game you’d like!

8). jet-skiing

This one speaks for itself, Who can say no to a jet-ski! The speed on the water is always a refreshing experience. You can also do a few cool jet-ski tricks while you’re at it!

9). Fly A Kite

Flying a kite may seem childish, but as long you have an adult-sized kite you, you should be fine! Even as adults, we have to admit that kite-flying is still a fun outdoor activity, especially if the kite looks awesome!

10). Tug-Of-War

Tug-Of-War is One of those fun lake activities that will never get old. The fun test of strength against your friends and family, or even your kids! Tug of war has been around for a long time and it is for sure to be around for eons to come!

11). Water Balloon Games

Throwing a water-ballon at your best friends, family members, or even your significant other is not only fun but can also be therapeutic to throw a water balloon at someone’s face! Take a break, and relieve some stress with water balloon games.

12). Water Limbo

Limbo is one of a lot of people’s favorite fun lake activities. The only difference with this one is that you play it in the water! Give water-limbo a try and see if you can beat your friends and family. We bet you can already see the smiling faces and everyone having fun!

13). Marco Polo

Marco-Polo is a classic when it comes to fun lake activities. It is always fun to trick the other person. Hiding from the other person under the water and laughing because they can not find you!

14). Beach Bowling

When we heard of this one, we thought it was insane too, but beach bowling is a very fun lake activity. Everyone knows about bowling, so this beach game won’t be hard to integrate into your outdoor party! The kids are sure to love this one too!

15). Floating Beer-Pong (21 and over obviously!)

Beer pong is only for adults 21 and over! Beer-pong alone is our favorite party game, period. There are even floating beer-pong tables so that you can play it in the water! Turning normal beer-pong into a fun lake activity! So give this one a shot because even if you’re a beer-pong master, you are sure to find that this is a completely different, and super fun experience!

16). Snorkeling

Snorkeling can be an incredibly fun water activity. Go under the water and find fish, seashells, and small creatures to check out in the water. Even if the water isn’t completely clear, you will still be able to enjoy this fun outdoor water activity, so dive in and go snorkeling!

17). Have a Picnic

A lake or ocean beach is always a great place to have a picnic. Having a picnic on the beach is always fun, especially if it is a date with your romantic partner or hopefully your soon to be romantic partner!

18). Play water Sports

Bring games like volleyball, basketball, beachball, lacrosse, football, and baseball or wiffleball. A lot of these games can either be played on the beach or in the water, so give them a try. You are sure to find amusement in one of these fun lake activities!

19). Water-Boarding

Water-Boarding is always a sure bet If you are looking for a relaxing and fun lake activity. It can also be very relaxing. Laying out on the board, or paddling your way through the water. You can swim along with it, or just lay on your back, float and enjoy the water.

20). Catch A Tan

Tanning in the sun is a relaxing and fun lake activity. If you do not want to get in the water, or you do not find anything on this list appealing, you can just lay back and enjoy the sun! also has some great ideas! Check them out here! Even if you don’t want to do anything, you can still enjoy yourself by laying out in the sun and getting a tan! For more tips, check out the rest of our site!

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