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20 Unique Uses For A Towel

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Believe it or not, a towel is one of the most useful things any outdoorsman or outdoorswoman can carry with them. A towel can be used in many different ways, including some you may never have heard of before. In this article, we will layout 20 of these uses and explain each of them. Some of these uses might surprise you! Check out the rest of our site for more fun and informative tips!

1). A Handkerchief:

A towel an become a handkerchief or multiple handkerchiefs depending on how large the towel is. By cutting it into smaller sections, you can create yourself some handkerchiefs! Some smaller towels can be used as handkerchiefs all by themselves!

2). A TOURNIQUET Or A Bandage:

A towel can be used as a tourniquet or a large bandage. Many people all around the world use towels as tourniquets, and some say they work better than an actual tourniquet or bandage sometimes!

3). A Blanket:

Yes, a towel can be used as a blanket. Of course, some of us already know this and use them for this purpose more often than you might think! You can wrap yourself up with it to stay warm, or you can wrap your child in it to keep them warm!

4). A Blindfold:

Yes, a towel can be used as a blindfold! To be completely transparent, just about anything that can fully cover your eyes can be used as a blindfold. Don’t use anything contaminated of course! No one wants a used or contaminated towel on their face. If you use it as a blindfold for someone, please be conscious and do not put a used towel in their face.

5). Drying Something:

Now, this use may be rather obvious, but we wanted to include it anyway. Drying something is the most commonly known way of using a towel.

6). A rope:

A towel can be cut into pieces to create a whole different useful item, a rope! This can be super helpful when in a desperate situation, and a rope is needed. Just do not use the rope you created from a towel as a bungee cord or for climbing any mountains! Although you can turn it into rope, this does not mean using it as a replacement for high strength rope applications.

7). A Boat Sail:

If you are going sailing or if you get stranded while surrounded by water, such as on an island, a large enough towel can be used as a sail for your boat! However, it is not a good idea to use it as a sail for a large sailboat. In the case that you need a very large sail, you could use multiple towels and stitch, staple, or tie them together!

8). Testing Wind Velocity And Direction:

Hold the towel up into the air, and you will find wind direction and velocity (the speed of the wind).

9). A Pillow:

If you have nothing to lay your head down onto when trying to go to sleep, to the rescue comes a towel! It can be used as a quick pillow and a pretty comfortable one at that.

10). A Table Cloth:

A towel can be used as a table cloth or even multiple table cloths if it is big enough. You cut it in half or into pieces, and the average towel could be turned into between one and four table cloths!


In a situation where you have nothing else, a towel can be used as a firestarter. This is not obvious to everyone, so we put it up here for those who do not. Although anything that can be set on fire can become a firestarter, it all depends on how you go about it and how attached to are to that particular item.

12). A Fire Extinguisher:

When you soak a towel in water, it can be used to extinguish a fire. So not only can it start a fire, but it can put one out as well!

13). A White Flag Of Surrender:

As long as the towel is white, or at least relatively white, it can be used as a flag of surrender. This may not be a very fun use of one, but it is something useful to know in case you ever have to surrender for some reason. Maybe you are playing paintball, we do not know what you will do with this information, but we did want to tell you!

14). A Means For Privacy:

Hang it up in front of yourself, and it is no longer just a towel, but a means for privacy! This can come in handy when you need to get changed somewhere that is not so private.

15). A Scarf:

This use may seem silly now, but it will not seem so ridiculous when you need it to help cover your neck in the weather! You can even wet the towel with cold or warm water to help keep your body temperature regulated!

16). Protection When Picking Up Dangerous Or Nauseating objects:

We all find things on the ground in our personal spaces. Sometimes these things are either dangerous to touch or quite revolting. A towel is a perfect solution to protect yourself from whatever that particular thing is.

17). Breaking Glass:

Many people use towels to break glass, and it can be very effective and leave you with no cuts at all! Just wrap your hand up in the towel and punch the glass as hard as you can.

18). A Furniture Or Seat Cover:

A towel can become a furniture or seat cover by just throwing it onto the item. You can use this as a temporary or a permanent solution depending on your taste and the color of it.

19). A Floor Mat:

Yes, a towel can be used as a floor mat. In all honesty, some of us already use it as a floor mat, and if you are like us, you use it for the shower mat. They can become exceptionally useful by replacing your shower mat.

20). Temporary Food Protection:

Did you know that a towel can be used to temporarily protect your food? You can throw it over the food or wrap it up into it. If you are not finished with that sandwich, and then wrap it up into a towel and save it for a little while until you eat it. However, do not wait too long. It is not meant to protect your food for hours on end.

In Conclusion:

Now you know just how useful a towel can be! A towel has plenty more uses than just these. So next time you see a towel, take a moment to appreciate raw human invention and innovation! Can you think of more cool ways a towel can be used? Leave a comment if you do! We would love to hear from you! For a huge list of uses for a towel, over 100! Check out! Did you like this article? Why not share it!

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