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13 Beneficial Camping Uses For A Hatchet

camping uses for a hatchet, camping, hatchet, axe,
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A camping hatchet is an awesome and super useful tool for when you go camping. There are a lot of uses for it! Even the best in the camping business will tell you that a hatchet is a huge advantage to any camper. Why? Because the camping uses for a hatchet are not just to be a dope accessory and chop wood. But your trusty camping hatchet can actually save your life! So, let’s get into this list of 13 beneficial camping uses for a hatchet.

#1 – Chopping Wood:

Your camping hatchets’ main use is for cutting or chopping wood. This is so that you can build a shelter or get firewood. Chopped wood is more valuable than you might think wheh you’re out camping.

It’s even more important when you’re in a survival situation. You can create so many things from wood if you have a hatchet. Speaking of which, let’s get into the next beneficial camping use for your hatchet. Carving!

#2 – Carving:

Did you know that your camping hatchet can be used for carving? Well, you can! You can create so many useful things when carving with your hatchet. There are a TON of possibilities! Whether you’re using your hatchet to make survival items or just making fun things! To give you some ideas of all the possibilities, we’ll list some things that you can carve with your trusty hatchet below.

Some Examples Of What You Can Carve With A Hatchet:

  • Weapons
  • Tools
  • Toys
  • Decorations
  • Shelter

#3 – Making Tinder:

Tinder is important for starting your fire, and a camping hatchet can make your tinder for you! Chop up some wood and once you have chopped wood, you can simply just shave pieces from the wood and you’ll have tinder!

camping uses for a hatchet, camping, hatchet, axe,

#4 – Self Defense:

If you are ever caught in a survival situation, you will need something to defend yourself with. A Camping hatchet might be exactly what you need!

A hatchet can be your saving grace in many survival situations. A weapon like a hatchet is an easy to use and very versatile weapon. Hatchets are light, so it doesn’t take a whole lot of muscle to wield one.

That’s a very good thing! Think about how much heavier and harder an axe is to wield. The simple fact that a hatchet is lighter makes it a great option. Hence why we’re writing this about hatchets and not axes.

#5 – Ice Cutter:

A hatchet will be your number one companion in a cold environment. As well as an indispensable tool in a survival situation. Some of the very best in the world recommend that you bring a hatchet along with you whenever you go camping.

Some professionals even choose a hatchet as one of their top 10 things to pack for camping, hiking, and general survival! That right there should be enough proof that you should bring a camping hatchet.

#6 – A Hammer:

A camping hatchet can also be used as a hammer or a mallet. Chop wood with one side and hammer in your nails with the other! Talk about versatility!

Using your hatchet as a hammer or just a blunt edge is an easy thing to do. Simply turn the hatchet onto its flat side and now you have a blunt edge ready for use!

#7 – Hunting And Animal Dressing:

A camping hatchet can also be of a lot of use when you go hunting. Whether for survival or purely for sport, a camping hatchet will be right there to support you in your pursuit.

#8 – Starting A Fire:

Your camping hatchet can be used to start your camping fire. Did you know that? Don’t worry if you didn’t. It isn’t common knowledge amongst those outside of outdoor sports and recreation.

Although it is only one of the camping uses for a hatchet, it is very possible. Your camping hatchet can be used in combination with a firestarter, or simply just flint. You can use it just as you would your fire starter. Only it’s much bigger.

camping uses for a hatchet, camping, hatchet, axe,

#9 – Food Preparation:

Your camping hatchet can give you an advantage when preparing your food. Whether your food is freshly caught or it came from a container. If the need arises, your camping hatchet will get the job done.

#10 – A Wedge:

Your camping hatchet is a wedge on the cutting or sharp side of it. This is a very useful thing. Although it might not have been thought of when the hatchet was created, it certainly will be an added advantage to your camping trip. You can use it for creating space between objects, lifting objects, and many more!

#11 – Camp Games:

You already have your camping hatchet with you. Why not use it to have some fun at your campsite? – (AS LONG AS IT’S ALLOWED) –

Your camping hatchet can be used for fun games that have been created around hatchet throwing. With your hatchet, you can play games like around the world, landmines, and many more! For some quick tips for your camping hatchet games, check out

Please keep in mind that hatchet and axe throwing games are dangerous and you should take precautions when playing these games!

#12 – A Screwdriver:

If you need to screw something in and you’re missing your screwdriver. Give your hatchet a shot! It could be your saving grace, you never know!

This is even more so true if you have a screw that requires that you use a flathead screwdriver. If it is a flathead screw, then you can simply slide the cutting edge of the hatchet into the slot in the screw and you’ll have a screwdriver.

camping uses for a hatchet, camping, hatchet, axe,

#13 – A Shovel:

Your camping hatchet can be used as a shovel. Did you know that? Admittedly, it is a little silly. However, it DOES work. Quite well in fact for something that isn’t meant to be a shovel!

Some Tips For Maintaining Your Hatchet:

What You Might Need For Hatchet Maintenance:

  • Sandpaper
  • Turpentine
  • Cloth
  • Wood Oil
  • Steel Wool
  • Acetone
  • A Metal File

Learning to maintain your hatchet isn’t as big of a feat as you might think. Even with something more complicated like rust. Maintenance is needed every time you use your hatchet. Such as when you’re done using it. Visit frontier bushcraft for a full tutorial of hatchet and axe maintenance.

When Is The Best Time To Begin Maintenance on your hatchet?

There are a lot of different opinions and factual information that’ll tell you when to begin maintenance on your hatchet or axe. However, the general rule of thumb is to wait for a sunny day. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter. The main thing is that you want the sun to be out and the outside temperature to be warm outside if possible.

How To Keep Your Hatchet From Rusting:

There are so many people that use hatchets on a daily basis that say – “If your hatchet begins to rust, just use it more.” This saying rings very true with hatches and axes alike.

Rust is one of the biggest issues that you’ll face while keeping your hatchet in good condition. This is because the biggest cause of rust developing on a hatchet is from a lack of use.

So, if your hatchet begins to rust, try using it for a while and see if the rust comes off by itself. More often than not, it will. Otherwise, regular maintenance tasks will solve your issue. Keep in mind though, that your old hatchet might not see its former glory again, but you can surely clean it up.

In Summary:

Remember that if you take care of your hatchet, it will last you a long time. It might even outlast you! We hope that you’ve learned some new camping uses for your trusty hatchet today and we also hope enjoyed reading this. We’ll see you the next time right here, at!

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