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12 Family Camping Checklist Ideas

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rsz aaron burden o ubwhv29uk unsplash

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Family Camping is an awesome way to bond and get closer to each other. However, sometimes there are items that we just flat out forget. Then we get there and get everything set up and now we remember that we are missing items that we could have sworn we packed. In light of that, we created a list of items that we should all remember to bring when we go to family camping.

#1 – Hand Sanitizer:

Hand sanitizer is an important item to bring when going camping with your family. It can help prevent sickness and infection. Think about everything that goes around. You can catch something from just touching your eye if it is on your hands. We pick up a LOT of germs with our hands. so make sure you bring some hand sanitizer with you on your next family camping adventure. Click here to check out what Amazon has in stock.

#2 – A Portable Fan:

If you go camping in the hotter seasons and even sometimes in the colder seasons. You know how hot it can get without the comfort of our household A/C units. You will want to bring a fan. A fan will help to keep you and your family cool and help you to enjoy the experience that much more. Click here to check out what Amazon has in stock.

#3 – An Air Pump:

If you are planning on going camping with any inflatables, make sure you bring an inflator. Although it is a great exercise for your lungs, you don’t want to have to blow up your equipment with your own breath. It can take time and exhaust you quickly. Who likes getting tired as soon as they get to the campsite? Not us, and we know you don’t either. So bring an inflator along with you on your next family camping adventure. You won’t regret it! Click here to check out what Amazon has in stock.

#4 – A Speaker:

A speaker, whether it is a new Bluetooth device or an old record player. Music can really lighten the mood at times. Especially if you have very young children or babies. Music can be a huge help. Bringing a speaker along with You on your next family camping adventure could give you that extra edge. Click here to check out what Amazon has in stock

#5 – A Flashlight:

A Flashlight is vital to your camping trip. What are you need to go to the bathroom, or one of your kids needs to go to the bathroom? What if it gets dark too quickly and you still need to get some things done before you jump into your tent for the night? It’s always a smart idea to keep a flashlight around. Click here to check out what Amazon has in stock.

#6 – A Lantern:

A lantern falls right along the lines of a flashlight. You can hang it from your tent if it had that capability. You can set it right on the ground in front of everyone. Or you can hang it from a tree. A lantern can not only help you see at night, but it can light up your whole area and help you. make your night of fun last a little bit longer. Click here to check out what Amazon has in stock.

#7 – Camp Chairs:

Camping chairs are another vital accessory for your family camping g trip. Camping chairs are not something you absolutely need. However, they are something you want to have around. When you get tired of standing, where are you going to sit? Rocks and the ground are an option, but very comfortable. Your back k might even hurt more after sitting on the ground! So bring some camping chairs on you’d next family camping adventure. Click here to check out what Amazon has in stock.

#8 – Aluminum Foil:

Aluminum foil can not only help you with grilling, but it can help you with putting your food away and even cleaning your grill. It is an awesome item to keep around whenever you are camping. You might not think you need it, but it is necessary if you are planning on cooking any good while your camping.

#9 – Zip-Lock Bags:

Zip-lock bags are so versatile that we had to put them on this list! You can use them to hold items like food and hygienic supplies. You can even use them to pick up your animals’ mess if you are bringing one. Just flip it inside out, pick it up, flip it back, and your all done. Like we mentioned previously, zip-lock bags are versatile. So they can use it for a number of different applications. It is a smart idea to keep some around. Even just a few of them could help you out!

#10 – A Cooler:

You need somewhere to store your food right? Bring a cooler and some ice pack packs along with your on tour next family camping adventure. A cooler is crucial if you are planning to store your food and drinks. Click here to check out what Amazon has in stock.

#11 – A Grill Or Stove:

Grilling while you are camping is a lot of fun! Whether you are cooking hotdogs and hamburgers or a beefy steak dinner. A grill is always a fun addition to any family camping adventure! Click here to check out what Amazon has in stock. We have an article on grilling tips here if you want to read it!

#12 – A Tarp Or Footprint:

Both you and your tent need ground coverage you help in preventing pre-mature wear on your tent or punctures at the bottom of your tent. Adding a tarp or a tent footprint to the bottom of your tent can help a lot with comfort as well. Must of these tarps and footprint we are fairly priced. You could also potentially save some money using one of these. So you only have much to lose in buying one of these for your tent. Click here to check out what Amazon has in stock.

To Sum It Up:

Family camping is fun for everyone! You can bring anything you want on your next family camping adventure. However, with the addition of one of these items, your camping trip is bound to be that much better! Did you find this helpful? Why not leave a like and share it!

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