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11 Solo Camping Tips

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rsz scott goodwill y8ngwq34 ak unsplash 1

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Most of us campers love to go camping with others such as our family and friends. What about solo camping though? Everyone loves Their alone time. Solo camping is the perfect way for any camper to get some quality time with themselves. Solo camping is also a great way to perfect or work on our survival skills!

Solo Camping Tip #1 – Solo Camping Confidence

Make sure you are confident in your camping skills. Although you do not have to be an expert to go solo camping, it is best that you prepare yourself with all the necessary camping skills for your next solo camping trip.

Solo Camping Tip #2 – Navigational Skills

Navigational skills are crucial for solo camping. Sure, you can bring a compass or a GPS. But what if you lose your compass or GPS? What then? If you can’t answer that then you need to brush up on your navigational skills. Practice North, South, East, West.

In other words, practice and arm your natural sense of direction. This will be extremely helpful in a situation where you get lost and you are quite far out.

Solo Camping Tip #3 – Be Mindful Of The Weight You’re Carrying:

If you are packing out your car, then you can ignore this one. On the other hand, if you are going without a vehicle, you will want to watch the weight of your items. Stay conscious of weight when going solo camping. The last thing you want is to get tired too early. That can ruin the whole day if you overwork yourself.

Solo Camping Tip #4 – Keep Your Vehicle Close:

when you keep your vehicle close, you are giving yourself some room. So to speak. Some extra security. This can be helpful for those with camping anxiety. You can also get into your vehicle if you become scared at any point. Or if there are too many mosquitos biting.

Get in your vehicle and take 5. So keep your vehicle close and you will be more likely to go solo camping or camping in general again and again! Even some of the pros still keep their vehicle close by.

Solo Camping Tip #5 – Campsite Selection:

choosing the right campsite is crucial with solo camping. You do not want to go camping somewhere that makes you uneasy. Some of that fear could be because your still new to it and you might not have anything to worry about. However, if you go solo camping somewhere that you have little visibility of your surrounding can cause a lot of anxiety.

This might cause you do not want to go again and that’s not good. You do not want to develop irrational fears about camping for no reason at all. So be conscious about where you situate yourself. It will help more than you think!

Solo Camping Tip #6 – Know Your Gear:

Knowing your gear is crucial when it comes to solo camping. When you know you’re camping gear. Such as knowing how to put your tent together. Knowing how to set everything up without or with very little issue. This is not a MUST. However, it can help a whole bunch of you are still new to camping all by yourself.

Solo Camping Tip #7 – Bring A Gas Stove If You Plan On Cooking:

When you go camping all by your lonesome, it can sometimes be difficult to light a fire. Or, you are simply an unskilled camper that is still new to the whole thing. Either way, bring a gas stove so that you can be sure that your food will be cooked regardless. Even if you do not plan on using the stove, you might not be able to cook over the fire.

This can be due to many different reasons and there are many different scenarios. There are TONS of different stoves out there. Many of which are priced aggressively. Amazon has an awesome selection here. However, there are many different stores that sell them as well. Places like Home Depot, Lowe’s, bass pro shop, and many others.

Solo Camping Tip #8 – Bring A Lighter And A fire Starter

Bringing a lighter along with you is always a good idea. Even if you think you are all good. Picture this – You have your fire starter, you go to light a fire, and the fire starter is just not cooperating. Or it starts to rain. It can be really hard sometimes to light a fire with a spark in the rain.

So, bring a lighter. You never know when you will need it. It does not have to be the best lighter in the world, just bring a lighter. If not for practicality, do it for a little extra assurance.

Solo Camping Tip #9 – Your Gear:

Although we do recommend that you don’t bring a ton of gear. It can be extremely comforting to anyone with uncertainties, (which is every camper). When you bring everything that you think you’ll need, you won’t be as worried because you have that assurance of knowing you have all that you brought.

When you bring everything you think you’ll need, chances are that if you are missing something, it’s not an ordeal. This can be especially helpful for those with anxiety issues. We have an article on that topic here. It is all about the question, is camping good for anxiety and depression?

Solo Camping Tip #10 – Bring Entertainment:

Entertainment is vital to your camping trip. Bring some cards for solo games. Bring things that you would enjoy doing even if you were not camping. If you are bringing your vehicle camping with you, then why not grab some fishing poles? If you like to fish anyway, then this is a great option. We have an article on fishing here if you want to check it out!

Solo Camping Tip #11 – A Comfy Seat:

We have said this in the past. Bring somewhere to sit! You do not want to be out camping, you get everything all set up, and, oh no. Nowhere to sit! This little thing can be what makes or break your enjoyment on your solo camping trip.

Fold-out seats are not expensive, (unless you buy the expensive gear). Check out what Amazon has in stock and grab a chair you like. There is a wide variety of options that can suit anyone’s budget. Check out what they have. You have nothing to lose by doing so!

In Conclusion:

There are many more tips like these all over the web. So we wanted to give you a solid list. What do you think? Did you find this article helpful? Why not share it!

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