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11 RV Accessories That Every Owner Should Have

traditional RV, what is a glamping pod?

traditional RV, what is a glamping pod?

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Whether you are a new RV owner, or you have have been RVing for a long time. This list of 11 RV accessories was built to help you keep your recreational vehicle up to par for your next RV camping adventure. Keep in mind as well that this is not everything you need for your RV. However, these are some crucial items to keep in mind for your recreational vehicle.

#1). RV Levelers

RV levelers""” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>RV levelers. Think of them also as peace of mind, knowing that your RV is not going anywhere when you do not want it to.

#2). Coaxial Cable(s):

Do you have or want a TV in your RV? Well, you are going to need one or more coaxial cables""” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Coaxial cables are electrical cables used for hooking up TVs, phones, the internet and more. So, if you want Tv in your RV, make sure you keep a coaxial cable or two in your RV.

#3). RV Tire Covers:

RV tire covers""” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>RV tire covers can really help in preventing premature wear on your RVs tires and possibly save you some money.

#4). Tool Set:

Keeping a

An air compressor is something crucial to keep in your RV. You will mainly use an air compressor for filling your tires. However, they are very versatile. You could use one to fill up a blow-up mattress or a sleeping bag comforter. Air compressors are used for a wide variety of uses. A list of uses for an air compressor can be found below. Air compressors can also be used in D.I.Y. home and auto repair, and some of them, (depending on what its specifications and size are), can even be used as a pressure washer! also has some ideas for air compressor uses. You can see their list here. We also have a review on the air hawk tire inflator if that interests you. You can find that here.

#6). RV Refrigerator Fan:

Sometimes it can get really hot out and your RVs refrigerator fan might get overloaded. This is where an RV refrigerator fan comes into play. You see, a lot of RV refrigerators are absorption refrigerators. This means that the refrigerator uses an ammonia solution that sucks the heat out of the fridge. They are typically very efficient, but they can need some extra help at times and an RV refrigerator fan is the perfect solution.

#7). Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator:

An adjustable water pressure regulator is an RV component that protects your RV plumbing from high pressure. If the water pressure in your RV gets too high, your pipes could burst. This can result in a lot of headaches and possibly some costly repairs, so it is best to get and keep an adjustable water pressure regulator installed.

#8). G.P.S:

Bringing a GPS is something quite obvious to bring with you in your RV in today’s world because of all the awesome and almost insane advances in technology. They are another one of those important RV accessories that you should have in your recreational vehicle. GPS systems, or Global Positioning Systems, can pinpoint you and point you in the right direction from just about anywhere in the world! Make sure you bring a GPS along with you in your RV and as long as it has power, you will never be lost!

#9). RV Sewer Hose(s)

Yes, taking care of the sewer part of your RV is gross. However, it is a necessary evil, if you will. Make sure and keep your RVs sewer hose(s) and change it out when it is needed, or you could run into some trouble.

#10). RV Drinking Water Hose:

RV accessories, RV drinking hose

RV drinking water hoses are for your drinking water in your RV. Most drinking water hoses are made from a BPA free material that is completely safe to drink out of. The main reason these RV drinking water hoses are so important is that if you just use any old hose, you will be drinking contaminated water. They can be found in a variety of sizes as well. They are typically found in sizes anywhere from 15 to 50. Most traditional hoses are not safe for drinking because the material they are made from reacts with the water and exposes the water to its own molecules. So keep an RV drinking water hose around. It is for not only your safety but the safety of whomever you go RVing with.

#11). Jump starter:

A jump starter is another one of the important RV accessories. Your RVs battery could die when it is sitting for a while. Usually when you would least expect it. When you are driving your RV, the battery is being charged by the alternator and not many people have issues with their batteries dying while driving. However, what we are focusing on here is the unpredictability of batteries when the car is off. Say you are going to take your RV camping a little far off into the woods. It is cold out, and you go to start your vehicle, nothing but clicking!

Well, since you have your handy jump starter, you can just hook it up to the positive and negative terminals respectively, let it sit for a couple of minutes and boom, your back in business! So you see, having a jump starter around could save you from some seriously bad situations. So make sure you have one if for nothing else, do it for peace of mind. Trust us when we say, it is truly worth it.

To Sum It Up:

Keep these RV accessories in mind when checking off the list for your RV. Also, remember that something small could save you from some huge consequences. As we always say, it is always best to be prepared beforehand so that you do not end up having to deal with what comes with being unprepared. If you found this helpful, why not share it!

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