11 Fun Camping Activities Activities For The Whole Family!

When we are out camping, there is nothing better than finding something that makes your camping experience even better! Here are 10 awesome activities that are always great for your adventure!

  • 1). Flashlight Tag – Flashlight tag is so fun when it is evening or nighttime! This is one that I personally love and I know you and your family will too!
  • 2). Scavenger Hunt – A scavenger hunt is a game that I played in boy-scouts, and even today when out camping. It is always fun to go hunting for whatever you decide to search for in your scavenger hunt!
  • 3). Whittling – Whittling is simply creating a piece of art out of wood with your knife. Whittling is always a fun activity to participate in when you are out camping, the kids will love this one as well.
  • 4). Hiking – This one may be obvious, but it is vital to put in this list, because they go so well together. I even have a post about just how great of a pair they are here -> https://outdoorcampingadvice.com/hiking-and-camping-the-perfect-combination/
  • 5). Rock Climbing – If you are camping in a spot that is perfect for this activity, you know what to do – ROCK CLIMBING!
  • 6). Man Hunt – There are two ways to play this game. Man hunt is similar to flashlight tag, except without flashlights! Count to ten and let the others hide, or let one person hide and everyone looks for them. This way is way more tricky for the person hiding, but it is so fun!
  • 7). Charades – Charades is always an excellent way to enjoy your night out camping when you are with your friends or family. Make something up, and see how hard it is for everyone to guess what is it, or what you are acting as!
  • 8). Fishing – Fishing is always a great way to spend time with the ones you love! Here are some tips on fishing to get you started! outdoorcampingadvice.com/tips-for-a-great-fishing-experience/
  • 9). Go Swimming – If you are out with friends or even camping by yourself, swimming is always a fun and refreshing activity! Build a rope swing, or play water games like marco-polo!
  • 10). Build A Bonfire – Building a bonfire is always a great activity when out camping, and when you’ve gotten your fire going, you can roast marshmallows!
  • 11). Watch The Stars – If nothing else, star-gazing is always something great to get closer with your family! You can name your own stars, try to find the big and little dipper, and trying to figure out what the cloud above you looks like!

In conclusion –

Any of these activities are great choices for your whole family, and don’t forget to create your own games every once in a while!