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11 Fun Camping Activities For The Whole Family!

rsz laura pluth rmicihnooig unsplash 1

rsz laura pluth rmicihnooig unsplash 1

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When we are out camping, there is nothing better than finding something that makes your camping experience even better! Here are 11 fun camping activities that are always great for your adventure!

  • 1). Flashlight Tag – Flashlight tag is so fun when it is evening or nighttime! This is one that we love and we know you and your family will too!
  • 2). Scavenger Hunt – A scavenger hunt is a game that we played in boy-scouts, and even sometimes still today when we’re camping. It’s always fun to go hunting for whatever you decide to search for in your scavenger hunt!
  • 3). Whittling – Whittling is all about creating a piece of art from wood with your knife. Whittling is always a fun activity to participate in when you are out camping, the kids will love this one as well.
  • 5). Rock Climbing –  Rock climbing is a super fun activity no matter what you planned previously. If you are camping in a spot that is perfect for this activity, you know what to do – COMMENCE THE ROCK CLIMBING!
  • 6). ManHunt – Manhunt is similar to a game of tag, Count to a high number and let the others hide! Or one person hides and everyone looks for them. Just one person hiding can be very tricky for the person hiding, but it’s still a lot of fun!
  • 7). Charades – Charades will always be an excellent way to enjoy your night of camping when you are with friends or family. Make something up, and see how hard it is for everyone to guess what is it, or what you are!
  • 8). Fishing – Fishing will always a great way to spend time with the ones you love or by yourself. Teaching someone else, such as your child or friend is also some great fun all by itself! Here are some tips on fishing to get you started!
  • 9). Go Swimming – If you are out with friends or even camping by yourself, swimming is always a fun and refreshing activity! Build a rope swing, or play water games like Marco-polo!
  • 10). Build A Bonfire – Building a bonfire is one of those fun camping activities for when you are camping out for the night. Once you get your fire going, throw bigger and bigger things into the fire and it will keep growing. You can make your fire as big as you want, then it’s time to roast some treats! Be careful though, and try not to burn yourself, Always wear fire protection!
  • 11). Watch The Stars – If nothing else, star-gazing is always something great to get closer to your family! You can name your stars, and try to find the big and little dipper. trying to figure out what the cloud above you looks like can be fun all by itself! 

In conclusion: 

Any of the above activities are great choices for some fun with your whole family. Don’t forget to be creative and make up your very own games every once in a while! Thank you for letting us be of help! also has some awesome list of outdoor activities! Check them out here!

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