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10 Tips For Camping And Hiking With Your Dog(s)

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Camping with our favorite furry companions always makes the experience that much better! Whether you are bringing along the family pet(s) or your best friend(s), no kind of adventure feels the same without them. So here are 10 tips to help you make the experience even better for both of you when camping with your dog(s)!

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1). Pack A Large Tent

Bringing a large tent with you can help your furry companion a lot. Generally, packing a tent that has openings on either side is a good place to start. If you bring your dog into your tent with you at night, you will both have more room. No-one likes to be crowded right? So try to make sure your companion has as much room as they need so that they can be comfortable too. If you have yet to find a tent that suits both you and your dog(s), have a look at the Coleman Sundome Dome Tent, it is an awesome option for usability and great pricing!

2). Choose A Pet-Friendly Campground

Make sure you know about the pet regulations when visiting a campground with pets. Most campgrounds offer pet-friendly environments, but unfortunately, some campgrounds do not allow pets. Pick the right campground that best suits not only your needs but the needs of your companion(s) as well. You could potentially be saving yourself a lot of headaches by doing this, and it is always a good thing to stay informed about where you are going.

3). Bring A Leash

Many places are pet-friendly, however, some places do enforce rules about keeping your dog(s) on a leash. Keep this in mind, especially if your dog is very friendly and loves greeting everyone. Not everyone has a love for dogs, and without keeping them on a leash, you might accidentally scare the pants off of someone! Even if you trust your dog(s) to stick by your side, bring a leash with you anyway so that you can keep them under control when needed.

Always be prepared before-hand so that it is a guarantee that there will be nothing in the way of you and your dog(s) having fun together. Also, if the place you are going to has a website, you can always check their rules there and save time. If you need a good leash for your dog(s), the Ruff ‘n Ruffus retractable dog leash is a great option. It even comes with some bonuses for a great low price! –> Ruff ‘n Ruffus Retractable Dog Leash with Free Waste Bag Dispenser and Bags + Bonus Bowl | Heavy-Duty 16ft Retracting Pet Leash | 1-Button Control | (Retractable Dog Leash (with Free Bonus)) <–

4). Toys!

Your dog(s) will surely want to play with you while you are both out adventuring, particularly if you have a puppy because they are always teething. Dogs are usually so full of energy, and that will always be one of their best qualities, but you don’t want them to be too rambunctious around other people. In our experience, spending extra time playing with your dog(s) can keep them calm, and this can make the experience better for both of you. So don’t forget to bring toys for your dog!

5). Don’t Forget The Brush!

Your dog(s) needs constant care while you are both out adventuring. Think about if your dog gets something in their fur like cactus spines or prickly plants. Your dog(s) will be very uncomfortable with things like this in their fur, even if they are short-haired. So you will want to be able to get it out of their fur as soon as possible. This brush is perfect for just that, and it is self-cleaning! –> Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush – Gently Removes Loose Undercoat, Mats and Tangled Hair – Your Dog or Cat Will Love Being Brushed with The Grooming Brush <–

dog, camping with your dog

6). Bring A First-Aid Kit For Your Dog

Along with bringing a first-aid kit for yourself, make sure and bring one for your dog(s). Dogs can have similar issues to humans but will need a different form of first-aid. This first-aid kit includes medical items for both you and your dog! It even includes a couple of instruction manuals for pet emergencies! So now, you only have to bring one first-aid kit! Check it out! -> Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Series Me & My Dog First Aid Kit <-

7). Protect Your Dog’s Food

When packing food for camping or hiking with your dog(s), keep in mind that other animals in the wild are hungry too and might try to take your dog’s food! There are a lot of great ways to protect your dog’s food such as packing the dog food in a protective container or casing. Most of the good protective dog food cases meant for bringing your dog camping or hiking with you are bear and smell proof. There are many wonderful and innovative dog food containers designed for camping, so you won’t have any issues finding one that fits your needs!

8). Pack Lots Of Water

This one should not need much thought. Everyone needs water, and most dogs, particularly large breeds, drink a ton of it! Make sure you pack plenty of water for you and your faithful companion. Dehydration can become something very real, very fast for both of you, so don’t forget to pack lots of water. There are even hydration packs you can either attach to your backpack or to wear underneath your backpack to make it even easier to stay hydrated.

9). Check For Ticks

Keeping tabs on whether or not your best friend has a tick or ticks is crucial. You do not want to get ticks on yourself either, trust us, it is not fun at all! Your dog can bring them along with you without realizing it, and you might wake up with one on you! Your dog will also be uncomfortable with a tick or ticks on them, so it is best for both of you if you keep tabs on this.

10). Bring Pet Gear

Pet gear is vital for your pet, particularly if you are going somewhere with rocky or rough terrain when you are camping with your dog(s). Even if you are going to an area without sharp terrain, there could be all sorts of sharp objects for them to step on accidentally. Bring your faithful companion a pair of dog boots or another protective material for your dog’s paws.

In Summary:

While you are adventuring with your favorite four-legged friend, watch out for them like they watch out for you. Keep these 10 tips in mind, and you will both have less to worry about. Have fun! For more outdoor tips, check out the rest of our site!

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