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10 Things To Whittle While Camping

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whittling 291014 640

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First Off, What Is Whittling?

Whittling is the act of cutting pieces of wood into different shapes and sizes. Cutting small slices one at a time to eventually create a beautiful work of art or a useful work of art such as a tool. So let’s get into the list of 10 things to whittle while camping!

Whittling Is A Ton Of Fun:

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Whittling is a ton of fun once you learn how to whittle properly. Ever since Boy Scouts, we have been whittling. Once your creativity takes hold, you’ll be whittling you’re way to becoming one of the pros! To see our whittling knife pick, check it out here on Amazon.

One of us unfortunately even had 3 corners cut off of their whittling chip for cutting through their fingers too many times. Although that obviously did not stop them from whittling.

It isn’t that whittling is dangerous. Although you do have to be careful. You are using a knife after all. Basic rules of using any sharp object, especially a knife. Things that you should already know. Do not aim the knife towards yourself, and never cut towards your body or hands. It’s common sense stuff.

You can whittle a whole lot of different awesome things. From miniature bears, all the way too an alien mothership if you wanted to whittle it.

Yes, there are many shapes that require a certain amount of skill to ascertain. However, even when you are just getting started whittling and you are still learning, you will still have a ton of options.

Not to say that it is impossible to whittle like the pros off the top, you can still try. You may not get the shape that you want as detailed, but you can get pretty close if you take to it naturally or just work harder.

So, now that you know what whittling is, let’s get into this list of 10 things to whittle while camping so that you can get to creating a masterpiece!

#1 – Wood Weapons:

wooden weapons, wood weapons, things to whittle while camping

Ever since man learned to make things from wood, we have been making weapons out of it. From bows and arrows, to sword and knife handles, to spikes and spears. There are a lot of different weapons that you can whittle out of wood. Many, many more than what we’ve listed.

#2 – A Shark:

wooden shark, things to whittle while camping

Sharks are some cool, but also a bit terrifying creatures with their sharp teeth and giant mouths. Whittling yourself a shark would not only look cool, but it will be a conversational point wherever you bring it! People are bound to stop and admire your work of art!

#3 – A Robot:

wooden robot, things to whittle while camping

Now, in our opinion, a wooden robot would definitely be an awesome addition to any home or office. A little humor packed in with some serious craftsmanship. You can even whittle a charging station for the robot to get into. How Cool!

#4 – A Boomerang:

wooden boomerang, things to whittle while camping

Who doesn’t want a boomerang that they created themselves? Boomerangs are always pretty darn cool things to watch fly through the air. In order to get it to fly correctly, it might take a serious amount of craftsmanship, unless you take to whittling well naturally. However, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be a work of art.

#5 – A Bird And Birdhouse:

wooden bird, things to whittle while camping

A bird is definitely something cool to whittle. If you whittle a bird, you could place it right in your backyard and possibly attract a lot of real birds with it! How cool is that! You could whittle a bunch of birds and place them all around your backyard or your hoke for decoration. If you also create a birdhouse, you will have real birds living in it after a while.

#6 – Wooden Utensils:

wooden utensils, things to whittle while camping

If you’ve ever wondered what is it like to eat off of wooden utensils, now is the time to whittle your very own and test them out! Believe it or not, this is how people used to eat, with wooden utensils. Way before manufacturers started pumping out stainless steel and silver utensils. Wooden utensils are definitely worth whittling. You might also even feel like you’re going back in time when you eat off of a wooden utensil.

#7 – Shoes/Clogs:

clogs, shoes, wooden shoes, wooden clogs, things to whittle while camping

Most people do not wear these wooden shoes anymore. however, some people still do, such as the dutch. Even though this is the case. They are still shoes, and they deserve a spot on the list. You can carve yourself a set of shoes that are really sturdy, but quite uncomfortable. There are ways to make them comfortable nowadays, like placing an insert into the shoe. However, whittling a pair of shoes from wood is still a good idea, and you might even be able to sell them if you’ve done a good job on them!

#8 – A Bear:

wooden bear, wooden animals, things to whittle while camping

As we mentioned earlier in this article, a bear is a cool little thing to create. Many collectors even pay people to carve miniature bears for their collection. They are a ton of fun to whittle and you can even sell them afterward if you want!

#9 – A Small Lockbox:

wooden lock box, lockbox, things to whittle while camping

Whether you plan to place jewelry, money, or just some simple odds and ends into this locking box. It will be something that you created. You can place a lock on it that suits your needs and you will be good to go! That is really part of the whole reason for whittling. To create something beautiful and useful with your own two hands.

#10 – A Chessboard And Chess Pieces:

wooden chess board and chess pieces, things to whittle while camping

This one is the creative whittler’s dream! To create your very own chessboard and chess pieces all by yourself? That’s awesome! This can be quite tricky, especially once you get to whittling the chess pieces. However, once you’ve created this awesome chessboard, you will have some seriously cool memories to look back on.

In Summary:

All of these shapes can be created on a small or a large scale. It all depends on your needs and skill level. Also, remember that you can paint all of these as well and make them even more astonishing! There are many collectors out there that look for creative designs like these. Don’t forget to check out our whittling knife pick here on Amazon.

So you could also turn this hobby into a side income to an extent. Whittling is a ton of fun and once you get the hang of it, it is even more fun. We hope this list of 10 things to whittle while camping has opened your mind a little to all the possibilities of what you can create from whittling. If you liked this, why not give it a like and share it! For more tips, check out the rest of our site!

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