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10 Things To Never Do While Camping

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Most of us campers know the basics, but sometimes we mess up, and that’s OK. However, there are some things you might be missing. So just in case, here are 10 things to never do while camping!

1). Never Forget Warm Clothing:

warm clothing,  things to never do while camping

 Warm clothing is probably one of the most important things to worry about when camping other than the basics I.E. a tent, sleeping bag, etc. So never forget your warm jackets, socks, and thermals if needed.

2). Bringing The Wrong Equipment:

bringing the wrong equipment, things to never do while camping

Sometimes we think, “Yeah, sure I know exactly how to use this!” Then when it comes down to using it, it becomes a task and not a pleasure. Always be positive with all of your equipment when out camping, this same logic should also apply to pretty much every other tool in your life. Imagine your tent is your smartphone, would you trust it to cater to your wants and needs? So think it through before you go.

3). Never Wander Into The Woods All By Your Lonesome:

Never walk into the woods all by your lonesome, don'r go into the woods alone, things to never do while camping

This one should be common sense, but we figured we would mention it. When you are out camping, always use the buddy system unless your camping alone, then use caution. If you are alone, try to stay close to your camp spot. It has been proven over and over again, all you have to do is a simple google search. We want you to live, so this is why we are mentioning this, so be safe!

4). Never Cook Food in Your Tent:

cooking food in your tent, things to never do while camping

Unless you have a stove that is specifically made for it, never cook in your tent. There may be ways to cook in your tent safely, but we are yet to find them. However, if you do not prepare and proper equipment, then cooking in your tent can be a fire hazard.

5). Disorganization:

disorganization, things to never do while camping

When you are out camping, always stay organized. Never leave food out unless you want it to disappear, you never know what animals are close, so it’s best to not give them a reason to come near you. Also, staying organized will not only keep your food safe, but it will also keep your mind from being distracted by trying to find things.

There is nothing worse than trying to find where you placed the one thing that you need and it isn’t where you thought you put it. Create a decently organized checklist for yourself and follow it to a T, you will thank us later! If you need help with creating a checklist for your self, check out this post I created about creating a checklist for yourself here.

6). Never Forget Your First-Aid:

never forget first aid, things to never do while camping

Never forget your first aid. It doesn’t always have to be a giant first aid, although we do recommend you bring a good one. It just has to be at least anti-biotics and bandages. Always bring something, because you never know what will happen. Life is mysterious like that, that’s why life is so awesome!

7). Always Put Out Your Campfires:

always put out your campfire, things to never do while camping

We have all seen this one at least a few times, but there are always those that forget to put out their fires. Although it doesn’t always turn out bad when someone forgets, it’s just never a good thing. We listed it here because it’s always something to remember to always make sure it’s done before you leave.

8). Never Forget Entertainment:

Who likes a boring camping trip? Not us that’s for sure, so don’t forget to bring something that will keep you entertained. Remember to at least bring a deck of cards or a board game. If you bring others, bear in mind to bring things that everyone can enjoy!

9). Never Pack Way Too Much:

never pack way too much, things to never do while camping

When you go on a camping adventure, never over-pack. Over-packing can not only weigh you down and exhaust you quicker, but if you bring too much stuff, you might not even be able to find the things you need. The more you bring, the more you can lose, and the more gear you bring, the more things you have to sift through to find something. So remember not to over-pack.

10). Never Leave Your Garbage Behind:

never leave your garbage behind, things to never do while camping

Lastly, we want to mention that you should never leave your campsite trash behind. We have even mentioned this in another post about camping essentials, ALWAYS BRING TRASH BAGS! We are not trying to out anyone or pick on anyone personally, but this is important.

Imagine you get to a campsite, and it’s perfect, the only problem, there is garbage all over the campsite! Put yourself in the other persons’ shoes, would you be happy with the campsite your leaving if you were just arriving? So, be courteous and think about your fellow campers, and pick up after yourself.

In Conclusion:

 This list is only about a few examples, and we just mentioned our top ten. This list was created to help you get started on your never do’s list. So re-read and come back to this list as much as needed and add to it with your thoughts before you go camping. also has some great tips for things to never do while camping. Check them out here! So remember, be sure your ready to go camping the right way or don’t go. Practice unsafe methods of at your own risk, because along with others, we care about your well-being, and we want you safe. 

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