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10 Really Cool Out Of The Box Camping Hacks

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campfire 1846142 640

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Even if you are experienced, these camping hacks could still be of use to you! Some of the best camping hacks that we have found are listed below. So let’s get into this list of 10 awesome camping hacks!

When you are new to camping, there are a lot of questions we are sure you want to answer. A lot of things that you probably do not know how to do. However, there are a lot of different camping hacks to ease that burden!

#1 – Battery Fire Starter:

Have you ever wondered if you could start a fire with a battery? Well, you can! It isn’t the safest way in the world to start a fire, but it does work.

What You Need To Make This:

  • AA Or AAA Battery
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Protective Gloves

How To Do This:

1). Simply grab a plain old AA or AAA battery and a piece of aluminum foil. Cut or strip/rip your aluminum foil into a piece large enough to cover both sides of the battery.

2). Then, with your protective gloved on. Grab the battery and place the aluminum foil on each side of the battery. (the negative and positive terminals).

3). Watch as the fire begins to rise from the foil! Place it under the kidling or tinder and hold in position until the fire starts.

#2 – The Lint Roller:

We bet you don’t know just how useful a lint roller can be! Not only can a lint roller get hair, etc. off of you. But it can also get bugs off too!

If you are going into wooded areas, (a forest etc.), bring a lint roller along with you. When you leave, roll the lint roller all over yourself.

You’ll be surprised at just how many bugs came off of you! If no bugs come off, you got lucky!

#3 – D.I.Y Camping Toilet Paper Roller:

When you are out camping, you still have to go to the bathroom right? We can’t just hold it the whole time. So here is how to make your own camping toilet paper roll!

What You Need To Make This:

  • An Empty Gallon Of Water Or Larger
  • Cutting Utensil(s) – (such as a knife)
  • A Roll Of Toilet Paper
  • A Stick Or Similar
  • A String – (such as a shoelace)

How To Make This:

1). Grab a gallon of water or bigger. Cut it in half.

2). Then, poke two holes aligned with each other at the top of your empty gallon of water.

3). Thread your string or shoelace into the holes at the top and tie them together to form a loop.

4). Then, much like the top of the gallon, poke two holes aligned with each other directly in the center of your gallon.

5). Place your toilet paper roll into the empty gallon and thread your stick through the center of the toilet paper roll along with the holes on the sides of the gallon.

6). Hang your empty gallon from the loop at the top you created with your toilet paper inside onto a branch or similar. You should now have a D.I.Y toilet paper roller! Doing this also protects your toilet paper from the weather!

#4 – D.I.Y Shirt Sling:

If you injure your arm while your camping. Grab an extra shirt and place your arm into one of the sleeves, and your head into the head area of the shirt. You now have a D.I.Y shirt sling!

#5 – D.I.Y Handwashing Station:

We all get dirty while we are out enjoying our camping trips. Especially our hands. There aren’t handwashing stations everywhere.

Although that would be nice! Here is how to create your own handwashing station. Don’t forget the soap!

What You Need To Make This:

  • A Gallon Of Water Or Larger
  • A String Or Shoelace
  • A Straw

How To Make This:

1). Grab your gallon of water and poke two holes on each side of the area just below the top.

2). Thread your string or shoelace into the holes that you have made under the top.

3). Poke a small hole into the side of the gallon and place the straw into the hole.

4). Hang your gallon f water from the loop that you have made and your done! You should now have a D.I.Y handwashing station. It won’t be pretty, but it will work!

#6 – Candle Waterproof Shoes:

Waterproofing your shoes may seem difficult. However, it is not hard to find ways to waterproof your shoes. This trick can be done with a candle!

What You Need To Make This:

  • A Candle – (any will do)
  • Your shoes
  • A Hairdryer – (Completely optional)

How To Make This:

1). Grab your shoes

2). Rub the candle all over your shoes – (the souls can be excluded if you want).

3). Once you have rubbed the candle all over your shoes. Let your shoes sit for 24 hours.

4). Once your shoes have set for 24 hours, your shoes should now be waterproof! Go test them out!

#7 – Duct Tape Lighter:

Have you ever gone camping and thought. Man, I really could use some duct tape right now. One of the easiest ways to carry duct tape with you while you are camping is listed below.

1). Grab a lighter and a roll of duct tape.

2). Roll as much duct tape as you need around the lighter, making sure that you do not cover the top of the lighter.

3). You know have a duct tape lighter!

#8 – Can Camping Stove:

If you are desperate for somewhere to start a small fire. Then look no further! Just don’t throw away that can of soda you just finished.

What You Need To Make This:

  • A Tin Can – (such as an empty soda can)
  • A Cutting Utensil – (such as a knife)

How To Make This:

1). Place your tin sideways in your hand – (be careful!)

2). Cut a slit in the can almost all the way down the side. Making sure not to cut all the way through the can.

3). Then, open the slit that you cut – (carefully!) – and you are all set to start your fire in the can!

#9 – D.I.Y Camping Lamp:

It can become dark pretty fast sometimes when we are camping and the sun disappears before you know it because you are having so much fun.

This D.I.Y camping lamp will light up your tent really quickly. Almost like having a lamp in your tent!

What You Need To Make This:

  • A Gallon of water or larger
  • A Headlamp

How To Make This:

1). Grab a gallon of water or larger and a headlamp.

2). Place the headlamp onto the gallon of water and flip the headlamp so that the light aims directly into the water.

#10 – Bug Bite Deodorant Hack:

If you get eating alive by mosquitoes while you are out camping. (metaphorically speaking of course). You are sure to be itching from head to toe. Well, bring some deodorant along with you.

Apply the deodorant onto the mosquito bites and they will not itch nearly as much. This is also very easy to do as well. So with each new bite, add some deodorant to it and your itching will at the very least lessen.


We hope these 10 camping hacks help you enjoy your camping trip that much more. Check out for some more awesome camping hacks. You will also be able to get creative with any of these.

For some cool info on the benefits of camping, have a look at You’ll be surprised by just how much they’ve found out about the actual scientific data backing up what they show you!

There are a few different ways to make some of these. So get out, enjoy your camping trip with these hacks and have fun! For more tips from us, check out the rest of our site!

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