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10 Overlooked Camping Essentials

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There are always those times when you leave something behind. Sometimes more than one thing while you are heading out to enjoy the great outdoors. So here are 10 overlooked camping essentials to remember to grab on your way out of the door!

1). Sun And Bug protection

We often see both sun and bug protection as non-essential items for camping, but these are camping essentials. Sun protection is crucial for protecting you from getting burned, but it is also there to prevent skin cancer that can form because of harmful UV rays. Bug protection is there to keep you from being bitten by bugs. There is some controversy on these, but in our experience, they are both essentials when outdoors for prolonged periods.

2). Gorilla Tape

Gorilla tape is on this list because it is a strong tape, and it is always one of the most versatile camping essentials in our opinion. A little extra weight for the ability to close tent rips, sleeping bag rips, and even putting some over a wound in a last-ditch attempt! Gorilla tape will always come in handy, so keep some with you.

3). Cleansing Wipes

Cleansing wipes are on this list because they help clean up anything from counters in your RV, to cleaning small wounds. Cleansing wipes will always be of use in more ways than you can count!

4). A Knife Or Machete

Always remember to bring a sharpened knife. You never know when you might need it! Both knives and machetes have many uses, including protecting you and opening that last can of beans. Whichever sharpened object or weapon you use, remember to be prepared for anything!

5). Flashlight Or Lantern

A flashlight or lantern may end up being your only means of lighting, so don’t forget to bring one! We have left our flashlights or lanterns behind a lot in the past, and it is never a good idea.

6). A Seat Or Chair

Imagine you are out camping, and you find the perfect spot. You have everything set up just right, you are all tuckered out and ready to sit down, but where’s the seat? Forgetting your seat is never good, so don’t forget to bring it!

7). Trash Bags

Even if you always go camping on pre-set campgrounds with trash cans everywhere, trash bags should always be remembered.

8). Compass Or GPS

Navigation is a crucial element of hiking and camping. Being out in the woods is enough reason to bring navigation. Do not just rely on your phone. Your phone might run out of battery, and then you’ll be out of luck. At least bring a handheld compass if nothing else.

9). Binoculars

If you want to see that view or look at it up close, always remember to bring binoculars. They are not only useful for looking at that beautiful view but can help you keep at a safe distance from animals!

10). Back-up food and water

These items may seem obvious, but need mentioning anyway. Water and food keep you alive, and some survival backpacks and first aid kits come with both! Here is a great one ->

In Conclusion:

These items may not seem so important until you need them, so bring these overlooked camping essentials along with you. You will thank yourself later!

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