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10+ Fun Ideas For Camping In The Rain

camping in the rain, rain, camping, outdoors, fun, ideas,

camping in the rain, rain, camping, outdoors, fun, ideas,

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There are those who love camping in the rain like us, and there are those who do not. Either way, whether you like camping in the rain or not. Sometimes the rain does ruin things. This can be frustrating if you were planning to go camping on a beautiful and sunny day. Then all of the sudden, it begins to rain.

However, there are plenty of things that you can do to make camping in the rain better. (Or at least acceptable). We decided to create this list because we know first hand how quickly the weather can change.

Especially in the southern states. Tennessee even has a famous saying. “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes it’ll change”. So let’s get into the list that just might save your camping trip!

#1). Play Board Games

board games, camping in the rain

Board games may not seem like an awesome solution to your rainy camping trip. However, playing board games with your family or friends can bring all of you closer. So next time you go camping, bring a board game or two just on the off-chance that it rains. Some of our favorites are listed below.

Board Games For The Whole Family – Playing With Family:

Board Games More For Adults – Playing With Friends:

#2). Play Card Games

card games, camping in the rain

Much like board games. Card games can spruce up the day as well. Card games are also much easier to pack than board games. Some of our favorites are listed below.

#3). Collect The Rain:

collect rain, camping in the rain

If you are camping in the rain, why not use it to your advantage? You can easily build a rain collector out of a lot of different things. One great way of building as rain collector is listed below. has some great tips for creating your own rain barrel here.

#4). Camp Indoors:

camp indoors, camping in the rain

If you find yourself going camping in the rain. Why not camp indoors! You can set everything up as if you were outside. It’s not the same experience obviously. However, if you do not want to camp in the rain. This is a fun option to run with!

#5). Bring A Camping Tv:

camping TV, camping in the rain

Did you know that there are #6). Play Some Music!

speaker, bring a speaker, camping in the rain

The rainy day doesn’t have to be boring as long as you have a music player of some kind. Throw a dance party or just listen to music. Playing some music can seriously lift the mood quite a bit on a rainy day.

#7). Capture Fishing Bait:

catch fishing bait, camping in the rain

It’s no secret that worms can be easily found in the dirt when it’s raining. So why not prepare for your next fishing trip while camping in the rain? Or you can collect worms and go fishing right where you’re at.

(As long as it is allowed and you are near water). This can save you a good bit of cash by simply collecting bait instead of paying for it.

#8). Build A Dam:

build a dam, a dam, camping in the rain

There is a lot of fun in building a dam. Not exactly like the one in the above picture obviously. Even more so if you have children! Children love using their imagination. It’s pretty much all they do!

This is also fun to do alone because you will have full control of the flow of water. You won’t have to fight anybody for a turn either if you are by yourself!

#9). Mud Sliding!

mud sliding, camping in the rain

Mud sliding is a TON of fun as long as you don’t mind getting dirty. You can set up and have a contest with your family, your friends, or both. If you have children, they are sure to love mud sliding! If you are alone, you can still have fun doing it. Put on your raincoat and get to having fun!

#10). Get Out In The Rain:

get out in the rain, camping in the rain

Getting out in the rain can be a lot of fun. As long as you have some halfway decent rain gear, you can have some serious fun in the rain! This one can be especially fun if you have kids. You can jump around and splash with your kids and they are sure to have a blast! Go hiking in the rain.

Bonus! – Create An Makeshift Pavilion:

Bring what you need to set up your outdoor living room in the rain! We have done this so many times because it is so fun! You can build a great pavilion of sorts quite easily. We have listed how to build a makeshift pavilion below. There are two ways of doing this. Both of which are listed below.

What You Will Need To Build This:

  • A Duct Tape/Gorilla Tape
  • Shovel/Spade Or Similar – (You can use your hands if you need to)
  • A Knife/Sharp Utensil Or Similar

How To Build A Makeshift Pavilion:

1st Way – Using Rope And Logs/Poles:

Step #1:

Grab your poles/logs/sticks or similar and cut, break, or re-fit to how high you want your makeshift pavilion to be. You do not want to make it too high. The higher up the pavilion sits, the more likely it is that it will fly away or break.

You will also get rained on more the higher you make it. So be mindful of that as well. Make the pavilion a couple of feet higher than yourself to a max of no more than 6 feet higher than the tallest person.

Step #2:

Lay out your tarp onto the ground and poke one or more holes into each corner. (These holes do not need to be very big, just big enough to fit your rope through.

Step #3:

Thread your pieces of rope through each corner and tie them so that they are secured onto each corner of your tarp.

Step #4:

Use your shovel/spade or your hands to dig 4 or more holes, (depending on how many poles/logs you are using, where you want the pavilion to sit. (Keep in mind that these holes will be where the poles/logs sit as the framework of your pavilion). Then get the poles into the holes.

Step #5:

Stand up your poles and begin tying your rope to each pole/log. Once your pavilion sits properly and you are satisfied with the way it is. You are all done! You have now built a makeshift pavilion!

2nd Way – Using Only Rope:

Step #1:

Lay your tarp flat on the ground and poke a hole large enough to fit rope through.

Step #2:

Thread your rope through the holes. Then, tie your rope to four surrounding trees and adjust as need. Your all done!

In Conclusion:

Whether you like camping in the rain or not. There are always a ton of different ways to make it fun! You do not have to let the rain stop you from enjoying your camping trip. Did you find this helpful? Why not share it! For more tips, check out the rest of our site!

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