11 Survival Tips That Are Sure To Help Keep You Alive If The Worst Should Happen!

When we are out in the wild, sometimes things can become hectic really fast. Although most of us hopefully won’t be in a situation where survival is the only thing to worry about, but here are 10 helpful tips for anyone that goes outdoor adventuring!

  • 1). Find Shelter – The first thing you want to worry about is shelter. When your tent or whatever you’re camping in is lost, you can do two immediate things.
  • 2). Find Water – Water is more important than food in the immediate sense. You can survive much longer without food than water, so make sure this is at the top of your list.
  • 3). Find Food – Finding food is vital to your survival and knowing what you can and cannot is essential. If you don;t look for food, you will not survive unless you are rescued in time. That may not be an immediate option though, so read up on how to find food in the wilderness. You may not even have to kill anything to stay alive!
  • 4). Sanitation – Sanitation is not an immediate concern when it comes to survival, but keeping yourself clean when out in the wilderness is excellent for your health. Keeping yourself sanitized and clean can prevent parasites and insects from getting in your body, so clean yourself at least once every other day if possible.
  • 5). Bring, Find Or Create A Weapon – Having a weapon is an essential because you never know if you might need it to defend yourself fom small animals. Larger animals are a bigger concern, so don’t go running at a bear with a stick!
  • 6). Treat Any Wounds Immediately – Treating your wounds, even if you don;t have a first-aid kit is crucial. You can get an infection from just about anything in the outdoors, all that’s required is an open wound, so keep them clean and covered to the best of your abilities.
  • 7). Bring Survival Tools – Bringing survival tools is a great survival tip. Having regular access to tools for building your shelter, cutting wood, and gutting small prey can be a huge advantage to your survival.
  • 8). Bring First Aid – I you have a first-aid kit, always bring it with when adventuring outdoors. A good first-aid kit usually comes with more than just band-aids and wipes. There are a lot more useful things in a good first-aid kit that can contribute to your survival than just closing wounds.
  • 9). Navigation – Learning how to navigate yourself around anywhere is always a good idea. You need to at least know your basics. For example – Always know where north, South, East, And west are.
  • 10). Build A Fire – Building a fire can help you stay warm, cook food, and even signal help! Here is a post I made on how to make a fire. https://outdoorcampingadvice.com/how-to-start-a-fire-anywhere/
  • 11). Signal For Help – Signaling help is always crucial when your are lost in the wilderness, so make sure you know how! Here are a couple of examples –
    • Write H.E.L.P. in large letters in the sand or dirt
    • Bring reflective mirrors

In Conclusion –

Knowing how to survive in the wilderness is crucial. Learn about survival every chance you get because you never know if you might need them!